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  • Commander’s Corner: ANG 150th Fighter Wing – With a single mission for 60 years

    The 150th Fighter Wing, New Mexico Air National Guard, is a Total Force partner here and has been so for the last 60 years. The 150th started out in P-51's in 1947, and has progressed to F-16C+ Block 30s. Our mission has, remarkably, always been in single seat, single-engine fighters. The 150th Fighter Wing is now uniquely positioned to proceed
  • Commander’s Corner: Thank you volunteers; stay safe Kirtland

    I'd like to start this week's commander's corner by extending my appreciation to the 70+ volunteers who graciously gave up their Saturday evening to pay tribute to one of our local heroes. Last week, the Tuskegee Airmen were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal in Washington, D.C. This medal is the highest civilian award that can be bestowed by the
  • Career Focus: Balance work with family

    Working extra hours is normal in our profession. Yet, we sometimes push ourselves beyond the norm. When I was an Airman, I willingly worked an 18-hour shift on the flightline. I was not supposed to work beyond 12 hours for safety reasons, but I got so immersed in troubleshooting an A-10's malfunctioning generator system that I lost track of time. I
  • Commander's Corner: 377th MDG takes care of returning servicemembers

    The spotlight on Walter Reed Army Medical Center, D.C., has caused concern over the medical care our injured servicemembers are receiving, especially our men and women returning from deployment. If you saw the story in last Sunday's Albuquerque Journal, then you know that we have a good news story to tell locally. The 377th Medical Group is
  • Airmail: Where to smoke?

    Question: What are the current and future base smoking policies? Where is smoking not allowed, and is there a plan in the future to make it base wide? Answer: Tobacco use policy is derived from Air Force Instruction 40-102, Tobacco Use in the Air Force and Kirtland Instruction 40-102, Tobacco Use on Kirtland AFB. Although there is discussion at
  • Career Focus: Professional development is key to our success

    Growing up as the 10th child in a family with 11 children was intense. Whether my siblings and I knew it or not, we always wanted to be noticed and succeed. My brothers and sisters chose positive ways to shine by earning stellar grades, playing sports and participating in extracurricular activities. However, I took a different path. A hardy spirit,
  • Commander’s Corner: Remember to recognize your people

    It can be almost too easy to take co-workers and subordinates for granted who work hard every day. There are Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and civilians out there who are consistently doing amazing things and going out of their way not just in work but also outside of work. If you supervise one of these folks, take the time to let them know
  • Career Focus: You can’t beat this

    A few weeks ago, I received a call from a young man who was very interested in joining our Air Force. His name was Erik. He wanted to join the elite pararescue career field. However, he was a little skeptical about some things his recruiter had told him. So he contacted me and asked if I could give him "nonsugarcoated information about the Air
  • Commander's Corner: family housing town hall meetings begin

    Kirtland Family Housing is in the process of hosting a series of town hall meetings for all housing residents. The first meeting, for residents that live in Villages I and VII, was held last week and provided residents with updates on housing issues and an avenue to voice concerns. If you were unable to attend, I encourage you to contact a neighbor
  • Airmail, March 2

    We want your suggestions and comments; however, you may also call base agencies or use the chain of command. Callers to Airmail will not have their names printed in the Nucleus. To submit an Airmail, e-mail airmail@kirtland.af.mil, call 846-4240, or write 377 ABW/CC Airmail 2000 Wyoming Blvd. SE Kirtland AFB, NM 87117 Motorcycles not triggering