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  • Commander's Corner: 377th Air Base Wing welcomes new executive director

    On Aug. 6, one of Team Kirtland's very own stepped into a new role and made the transition from military life to serving the Air Force as a civilian. I'd like to take a few moments to introduce you to our new 377th Air Base Wing Executive Director Thomas Berardinelli. Q: What made you make that leap

  • Airmail

    Could we have a bulletin board at central locations? Q It seems to me that in order to advertise something to sell or even a yard sale, you have to pay to have it printed in "The Nucleus." At the last base we were stationed at they had the right idea. At the Shoppette and at the BX main entrances,

  • Career Focus: We do … because we can

    Serving as a career advisor has many great advantages. Every day is filled with new and exciting challenges, and this duty is never routine or mundane. I have the privilege of meeting Airmen from every career field. I have learned many things about personnel programs, professional development,

  • Career Focus: Don’t lose it

    Each year as summer begins to dwindle the phrase "use or lose" is frequently heard. If Airmen accrue more than 60 days of leave after Sept. 30, those well-deserved days will be lost. Active-duty members earn 30 days of leave each year, or 2.5 days each month. We are encouraged to take 14 consecutive

  • Airmail

    Join the Buddy List for advance information on AAFES events Q. I am a U.S. Army spouse living in Albuquerque while my husband finishes his second 12-15 month tour in Iraq. I was very upset when I went to get two tickets for the free showing of "Transformers" this afternoon at the local BX and was

  • Why we fight

    On July 9, 1776, Gen. George Washington had the Declaration of Independence read to his troops in New York City in order to explain why they must fight. During World War II, military leaders at all levels were directed to explain the reasons "Why We Fight" to their troops on a regular and recurring

  • Letter to the commander: Wingman attitude brings gratitude

    I'd like to thank the following people for being there for me and my grandchild during a horrible experience. On July 10, approximately 7:55 a.m., I got out of my car to take my granddaughter (17 months old) to swimming lessons. Needless to say, I locked the keys in my car with her still in it.