What is "Striker Culture"

Striker Culture is a way of life and deliberate shift to effectively empower Airmen to lead and create a community that celebrates innovation and collaboration.

Striker Culture meets a growing need to create the environment necessary for our organizations, Airmen, and their families to thrive.

Striker Culture does not seek to rewrite the book for Commanders. Innovation is 98% doing what we are already doing… even better.

This is a plan to optimize our relationships between leadership, Airmen, and our communities to help create the margin necessary to remain the most lethal, feared long precision strike force on the planet.


Innovation Movement

We are strikers!

Striker Culture

We are Strikers.

We are an honest, innovative, professional team of teams united in our focus on warfighting. We value dignity, respect, diversity, and inclusion above all else and are humble, credible, and confident in all that we do. We stand on the shoulders of giants - those heroic pioneers who came before us tearing down the barriers of complacency and conventional thought, who established our greatness through courageous, creative, and inspiring actions. As such, we continue in that legacy, bold and free-thinking in our relentless pursuit of preserving and perfecting the dominance of American air and space power. We are the lethal combat-ready force ready to deliver global precision nuclear and conventional strike. We are motivated and dedicated to protecting the people of the United States of America.

We are Strikers.