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Is your child ready for Pre-K?

Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) has announced that Pre-K registration will open on March 8, 2022. A child must be four years of age by August 31st, 2022 and live within the attendance zone of APS. Pre-K is a voluntary program for four-year-olds. No transfers are needed.

If your home school does not have an APS Preschool, allow the system to default to your home school and you will be added to a wait list for schools with Preschools. Registration is not a guarantee for a spot because demand is higher than availability.

For information on registration, visit https://www.aps.edu/students-parents/early-childhood/pre-k-enrollment. If you have any other educational questions or concerns, contact the Kirtland School Liaison Program Manager, Ms. Beth Mann, at beth.mann.1@us.af.mil or at 505-494-0020.

2021-22 school year information

APS Board of Education Community Conversations Information (2022)

2021-22 School Update

UPDATE - Aug. 4, 2021

Guidelines for 2021-22 School Year:

All New Mexico public elementary school students, teachers, faculty, and staff are required to wear masks indoors and on transportation, regardless of vaccination status. Secondary schools will have different requirements based on local educational authorities. 

Albuquerque Public Schools:

  • Requires masks for everyone inside and on transportation (all locations and grades)
  • Students who refuse to wear masks will be treated as dress-code violators
  • Staff who refuse to wear masks may be disciplined
  • Indoor sports - Following NMAA guidance, proof of full vaccination -- no mask required; Otherwise -- mask required at all times/during play

Rio Rancho Public Schools:

  • Mask Pass for secondary schools, similar program for staff
  • Disciplinary Addendum - First refusal; student sent home, family given choice of in person learning or virtual school; second refusal; student placed in virtual school

Los Lunas Schools:

  • Masks for all

Moriarty - Edgewood School District:

  • Board of Education Meeting - Aug. 17, 2021

ABQ Charter Schools:

  • Must follow New Mexico Public Education Department guidelines

ABQ Area Private Schools:

  • Not required to follow New Mexico Public Education Department guidelines

For more information on masking guidelines, visit:

If you have any other educational questions or concerns, contact the Kirtland School Liaison Specialist, Beth Mann, at beth.mann.1@us.af.mil, 505-846-6477 (office) or 505-228-5697 (cell).

Base Resources

Airman and Family Services Programs

Airman and Family Readiness Center - 505-846-0741
Family Child Care - 505-846-1802
Gibson Child Development Center - 505-846-1103
Maxwell Child Development Center - 505-853-5521
Central Child Development Center - 505-846-1802
Kirtland AFB Youth Programs - 505-853-5437
Behavioral Health/Substance Abuse - 505-846-3305
Chapel Programs - 505-846-5691
Crime Prevention - 505-846-6209
Drug Demand Reduction - 505-846-7234
Family Advocacy - 505-846-0139
Health and Wellness Center - 505-846-1186
Immunization Clinic - 505-846-3101
Mental Health/Life Skills Support Center - 505-846-3305
Outdoor Recreation - 505-846-1499
Pediatrics 377 Medical Group - 505-846-3211
NMNG Family Programs - 505-853-5668 or 505-853-5128

Military Child Education Coalition

Parent Education Webinars:
 february 2023 webinar topics

Kirtland School Liaison Office Program

Kirtland School Liaison Office Program

The School Liaison Office at Kirtland includes an appointed Military School Liaison Officer (MSLO) and a full-time civilian School Liaison Specialist (SL) to assist Department of Defense (DoD) employees and their families with local school issues for public, charter, private, on-line, and home-schooling needs.  Our program has built a strong, supportive relationship with the schools in our local area.  We will need your help to expand this relationship to help improve our schools.  We encourage you to take an active role in volunteering at schools your children attend.  Parental involvement is the key to a positive school experience for both children and parents. 

Contact Info

We look forward to having a great school year whether your child is here from the first day or moving into our area.  If you are new to Kirtland AFB, I assure you that this can be one of your most rewarding assignments!  We have a strong roadmap for success and will work throughout the year towards educational success for your child. 

General Information on New Mexico Education

Quick Checklist for School Moves


Beth Mann, School Liaison Officer
Phone: (505) 846-6477
Mobile Phone: (505) 228-5697
DSN 246-6477
E-mail: beth.mann.1@us.af.mil

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