Wingman Plus - Team Kirtland's Helping Agencies

The Wingman Plus Team is comprised of the Kirtland helping agencies.

The agencies work in collaboration to identify community issues and provide leadership with resolutions in the form of programs, activities, and events to enhance quality of life, increase resilience and create a strong base community.

Wingman Plus agencies meet monthly to address issues relevant to the well-being of our base and meet quarterly with the Community Action Board (CAB), comprised of our base leadership, to up-channel issues and resolutions.

We are here to serve Team Kirtland and its family members.


KAFB Helping Agency Resources contact information

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Continuum of Care - May 2022


Military & Family Readiness

The Military & Family Readiness Flight provides consultation services to commanders and assists them in developing and executing policies, programs and processes which enhance individual, family and community readiness, quality of life, and motivation to serve. 

Services provided to:


  • All single and married active duty members
  • All single and married Guard and Reserve members while on active duty
  • Military retirees
  • Eligible family members of the above
  • DoD civilian personnel

For more information, go to the Military & Family Readiness Flight page


Area Defense Counsel

The Area Defense Counsel provides Air Force members who are suspected of an offense or facing potential adverse administrative action with legal representation. The ADC is an experienced judge advocate outside the local chain of command and offers Airmen the ability to receive completely confidential legal advice. The ADC's prime responsibility is to vigorously and ethically represent
clients during military adverse actions such as:

- Courts-martial
- Article 15
- Administrative Discharge
- Referral EPR/OPR
- Suspect Rights Advisement
- UIF entries and control rosters
- Any other adverse actions in which counsel for an individual is required or authorized

For more information, see the ADC fact sheet, or call 505-546-5554.

Victims' Counsel

The Victims’ Counsel (VC) provides support to victims of sexual crimes and aggravated domestic violence. 

The VC is an experienced judge advocate (licensed attorney) who provides confidential and independent legal advice. The VC can advise on military investigations, disciplinary processes and prosecutions, assist with expedited and humanitarian transfers, protect the legal rights of victims of these crimes, and advise on collateral misconduct issues (including facilitating assistance from an Area Defense Counsel). 

The VC can also maintain restricted reports made to SARC and FAP. 

All active duty victims, as well as active duty dependents whose perpetrator is an AF active duty member, are eligible for VC services.  Other victims of sexual crimes and aggravated domestic violence may be eligible for VC services, please contact us to inquire at (505) 846-2323.

The Victims’ Counsel (VC) program has expanded to allow VCs to provide interpersonal violence (IPV) victims, not otherwise authorized VC representation, confidential legal advice on the following:  1) military justice process, 2) victims’ legal rights, and 3) referrals to the appropriate support agencies.  These are some of the rules for this expansion:

Eligibility remains the same as the VC program

Offenses include any violence at home, in the workplace (hazing, bullying, and sexual harassment), or anywhere else.

The offender must be subject to the UCMJ (on active duty orders) at the time of the offense and the legal consultation.

One-time consultation (does not include representation throughout the military justice process, except under exceptional circumstances)

Victims of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence

Diversity & Inclusion Program

The Diversity & Inclusion program provides concrete strategies and best practices to recruit, hire, include, develop, retain, engage and motivate a diverse, high performing workforce that draws from all segments of society.

The program promotes acceptance and fosters the understanding and acceptance of different races, ethnicities, genders, ages, religions, disabilities and sexual orientations in order to create and sustain an institution that encompasses and values cultural differences while creating a climate of inclusion.

Services provided include:

  • Leadership Consultation – Learn recruitment tools
    • Schedule A Appointment Authority, AF/DOD Internships, Veteran Disability Hiring Authority, and Civilian Recruitment & Selection Policies (panel interviews).
  • Resource Toolkits:
    • Videos, books, discussion questions, Storytellers, live Facebook streaming events featuring speakers and discussion panels for leaders and base personnel to share new ideas and viewpoints and engage in respectful dialogue.
  • Training:
    • Group discussions to discuss diversity topics such as ethnic and cultural differences, and generational gaps.
    • Understanding concepts and cultural patterns that limit diversity and how awareness and active behaviors can make for behavior change to increase collaboration and understanding.

For more information contact Cindy Dominguez-Trujillo, Special Assistant to the Commander on Diversity & Affirmative Employment @505-846-1041 or via email at

Quarterly Demographics Data

Public Affairs

The public affairs mission is to tell the Kirtland Air Force Base story to the public. We also strive to enhance morale by keeping Airmen and their families informed about Air Force issues. Our office is responsible for providing accurate, timely information on issues, programs and base events to the people in the community and members of the news media. 

Follow our social media sites:
Kirtland App:
Available in the App Store or Google Play. Search "Kirtland Air Force Base"

For more information, contact 505-846-5991 or

Base Chapel

The Kirtland Chaplain Corps serves the religious and spiritual needs of the 377th Air Base Wing and the many mission partners of Team Kirtland. The Chaplain Corps cares for warriors, warfighters, authorized civilians and their families through religious support team based ministries, chapel ministries, and an Airman Ministry Center, Gravity.

Religious support teams employ chaplains and religious affairs airmen in unit engagement, spiritual triage, 100% confidential counseling, religious rites, and prayer support. Chapel ministries strengthen the resiliency of warriors, authorized civilians and their families through dynamic worship services, vibrant marriage and family ministries, and community formation for men, women, youth and children.

Additionally, the Chaplain Corps leads an Airman Ministry Council that serves to enhance a responsible culture through the "Gravity" Airman Ministry Center. It is located near the dormitories as a place of authentic community, genuine character formation, and leadership development. For more information, contact the chapel.




Sundays, 11 a.m. at Gravity, 1421 First St.

Open to anyone who has base access.


Sundays, 9 a.m. at the Base Chapel, 1950 Second St. SE.

Open to anyone who has base access.

Jewish  please contact the chapel for more information.

For more information, please contact the chapel at (505) 853-5000 or email The duty chaplain may be contacted through the 377th Command Post at 846-3777. Service times and more information can be found here: or on Facebook at Kirtland AFB Chaplain Corps


Kirtland Chaplain Corps Invocation Request Form

Click here to download the Kirtland Chaplain Corps Invocation Request Form.

Email completed form to




Your life’s journey – made easier

Coaching, counseling, online programs, legal assistance, financial coaching, identity theft resolution, work-life services, and senior care management services are offered.

No cost to employee and household members.

Counseling services are completely confidential service and can be schedule for sessions in person, telehealth over the phone, or virtual counseling on-line.

Available 24/7/365

Call 1-866-580-9078 or visit online at

Force EAP is available to DOD AF Civilian Employees and their family members, to include both Appropriated Fund and Non-appropriated Fund employees.

Meet your EAP Field Consultant

Violence Prevention Workforce

This office provides violence related primary prevention education and training for Kirtland AFB. 

The Violence Prevention Workforce collaborates and integrates violence-related primary prevention in areas such as sexual assault, family violence, work place violence/bullying, suicide and alcohol abuse/misuse prevention.

For more information, contact Edith Wegner, 505-846-0288 or Teresa Reinhard, 505-846-6427.
With the alarming increase in suicide across our force, the Air Force Community Action Team identified five key Suicide Prevention priorities to help get after the goal of reducing suicide risk through safer, healthier, more connected and resilient Airmen and communities. One of AFCAT priorities is centered around Equipping and Empowering Family Members with the knowledge and skills to be key sensors and partners in suicide prevention efforts. AFCAT is sharing this important update on the newly released suicide prevention training for military families that is officially open to *ALL* spouses and family members.
The training is located at this link. 
The link is also available at the landing page of the AF Resilience website by clicking the picture for Family Suicide Prevention Training.

(It’s important to note that computers on installations or at DOD facilities may prevent the training videos to load due to firewalls. But the modules should work on personal computers or laptops not connected through a VPN.)

For printable graphic, click HERE.

2022 KAFB Helping Agencies brochure

2020 - 2022 Kirtland Community Action Plan

Leadership Pathways

Need help with Resilience, Suicide Prevention, Sexual Assault/Harassment, Spouse & Family Resources, Civilian Resources, Prevention Tools, Intervention Tools, Response/Postvention Tools, and Additional Resources, click here

Inspector General

Military and civilian members have a duty to promptly report violations (fraud, waste and abuse, gross mismanagement, a violation of law, policy, procedures, an injustice, abuse of authority, inappropriate conduct or misconduct) to a supervisor, commander, an IG, or through established grievance channels. Complaints may be filed in person, by letter, via email or through a complaint hotline. Complainants may remain anonymous if they so desire.

IG Office -- Room D-6, Bldg 20604 (Wyoming & Griffin)

Fraud, Waste & Abuse Hotline - 846-2412

Complaints - 846-2411

Inspections - 853-4376

For more information, click here 

Mental Health Clinic

The Mental Health Clinic offers a variety of services that help individuals improve their overall well-being. 
- Offers crisis intervention, individual counseling, psycho-educational skill training, group therapy, and biofeedback  
- Conducts outreach, prevention, and consultation to commanders to improve unit performance and wellness 
- Helps individuals cope with anxiety, depression, grief, work stress, trauma, and other mental health challenges  
No referrals are needed, but individuals wanting assistance must make their own appointment.
For more information, contact the Mental Health Clinic at 505-846-3305.

Military Family Life Counselors

MFLCs are master's or PhD level clinicians who support military families facing these or additional challenges. 

The MFLC program :
· Provides various short-term, non-medical counseling  services to service members and their families at no cost and no records
· Provides psycho-education to help military service members and their families understand the impact of deployments, family reunions following deployments and other stresses related to the military life
· Augments existing military support services
· Offers flexible service delivery 
· Can provide services on or off of military installations
· Can provide services to individuals, couples, families and groups

With the exception of child abuse, domestic abuse and duty to warn situations, services are private and confidential.

MFLC Brochure 

Child and Youth Behavioral MFLC Brochure

Contact information:

Adult MFLC: 

Child and Youth: 

Youth Center 

National Guard and Reserves 

Sandia Base Elementary - Child MFLC

Military OneSource

Military OneSource is a confidential Department of Defense-funded program providing comprehensive information on every aspect of military life at no cost to active duty, Guard and Reserve Component members, and their families. Information includes deployment, reunion, relationship, grief, spouse employment and education, parenting and childhood, and much more.

For immediate help, call 1-800-342-9647

For the military crisis line, call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) and Press 1

For more information, go to Military OneSource

Sexual Assault Response

377th Air Base Wing Sexual Assault Response Coordinators and Victim Advocates are available to assist victims (survivors) of sexual assault. The SARC serves as the single point of contact for integrating and coordinating sexual assault victim (survivor) care for Team Kirtland members. The SARC office is also responsible for providing Sexual Assault Prevention training throughout the installation.

For more information, go to the Sexual Assault Response Coordinator page, or call 505-846-7272 (24/7)

Family Advocacy Program

The Family Advocacy Program promotes nonviolent communities and wellness through connections, collaborations and intervention services for the prevention and treatment of domestic violence and child maltreatment. 
The FAP is comprised of two components: Outreach and Prevention Services and Intervention Services. 

Outreach serves as a consultant to commanders and first sergeants regarding issues relating to family and community wellness and resiliency. The New Parent Support Program is part of the Prevention component, as are the classes offered through Outreach/Prevention. Intervention services are provided to families referred to Family Advocacy due to incidents of family maltreatment.

For more information call 505-846-6743 or 505-846-0139 or email:

New Parent Support Program information

2023 classes offered

NPSP 2023 Brochure

Equal Opportunity

The Equal Opportunity office is the focal point for programs to ensure all military members and their families and the Air Force civilian employees are provided equal opportunity and treatment regardless of their race, color, religion, national origin or sex; and for civilian personnel age, disability, GINA, and EEO reprisal. Sexual harassment awareness education, effective communication, and cultural diversity are just a few of the many classes provided for Team Kirtland to enable everyone to thrive in a positive human relations climate.

Services Provided:
- Civilian complaint processing
- Military complaint processing
- Alternative dispute resolution services
- Human relations education

377 ABW Policy Memo 2022
EO Poster September 2020

To reach the EO office, call 846-5369.

True North

True North is a resilience program that assigns mental health providers and religious support teams (RSTs) directly to Air Force squadrons. The program seeks to enhance Force and family well-being, increase resilience, decrease negative outcomes (suicide, sexual assault, domestic violence, workplace violence, and child maltreatment), improve mission readiness, optimize human performance, and provide commanders with tools to increase the resilience of their unit and its members.

In-unit services include:‚Äč

• Education & Team Building Activities

• Resources & Referrals

• Mental Health Counseling

• Confidential Spiritual Counseling

For more information, contact the True North Program Manager at 505-853-6992.

Helping Agencies

Wingman Plus includes the following agencies:

Military & Family Readiness Flight
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment
American Red Cross
Area Defense Counsel
Diversity & Inclusion Program
Employee Assistance Program
Exceptional Family Member Program
Equal Opportunity
Family Advocacy Program
Family Member Programs (CDCs and Youth Center)
Fitness Centers
Health Promotion
Inspector General
Kirtland Spouses Club
Mental Health
Military Family Life Counselors
Military OneSource
Public Affairs
Resident Advocate
Retiree Activities Office
School Liaison Officer
Sexual Assault Response Coordinator
Integrated Resilience Office (IRO)
Victims' Counsel

150SOW Family Programs

For more information about Wingman Plus, contact Teresa Reinhard, Prevention Coordination Specialist, at 846-6427.



Operation Live Well

Alcohol & Drug Treatment

The ADAPT program provides substance abuse education, prevention and outreach. Active duty members may receive individual, group counseling, follow-up as well as transitional/support services. For more information, contact the Mental Health Clinic at 846-3305.

Kirtland Spouses Club

The KSC raises funds to sponsor charitable, educational, and welfare projects at Kirtland Air Force Base and in the local community, and awards college scholarships to qualified military dependents. Money is raised through fundraising activities and profits from the Thrift Shop. 

The KSC organizes monthly social functions to meet and make friends, and to discuss the business of our organization. There are many ongoing activities, including hiking, book club, play group, tennis, and others. There are also volunteer opportunities in the KSC Thrift Shop and on various positions on the KSC board.

Membership is open to spouses of active duty, warrant, retired and Reserve military personnel of all branches of service, including DoD and DoE civilians in a grade equivalent to any rank. We are an all-ranks club and welcome your participation.

For more information, visit

Fitness Center

The Base Fitness Center is a great place to keep in shape and keep active with quality equipment to meet almost any need.

For more information, visit the Fitness Center webpage.

Health Promotion

Health Promotion 
provides a variety of programs and instructional classes. No fees or charges are required for services. Services are available for all active duty, retirees, family members, and DoD civilians. Guests may attend classes on a space available basis.

Health Promotion staff members are available for briefings at commander's calls and for setting up informational booths at events to advertise Health Promotion programs and promote wellness issues. To register for one of the events or for a scheduled class, email
 or call 846-1186.

Health Promotions Fact Sheet

School Liaison Office

The main goals of the SLO are to identify barriers to academic success and develop solutions, provide parents the tools they need to overcome educational obstacles, develop a partnership with the local school districts servicing military and civilian students and assist military families by ensuring their children receive the best possible education regardless of where they attend school.

To learn more about the schools in the Kirtland area, visit the Schools page.

For more information, contact Beth Mann, School Liaison Officer, at 846-6477

Resident Advocate

The 377th Air Base Wing Resident Advocate:

  • Advocates for residents regarding housing issues.
  • Consults on landlord/tenant rights, laws, regulations, etc.
  • Mediates with KFH on behalf of residents.
  • Facilitates discussions between MHO, KFH and residents.
  • Escalates issues to base leadership.
  • Works with base agencies to resolve resident issues.
  • Helps navigate the Exceptional Family Member Program.

Stephen Kowal
Office: (505) 846-1100
Duty Cell: (505) 420-8369

377 ABW Headquarters, D wing, Room D2A (across from DDR/SAPR)
2000 Wyoming Blvd. SE
Albuquerque, NM 87123

Walk-ins welcome!

9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday 

150SOW family programs

The 150th Special Operations Wing Family Programs Team is a "one stop shop," providing Military Members and their Families with 24/7 access to a network of resources and referral. Available resources: In house counseling services, financial management, survivor outreach, Military One Source, youth programs and other resources as needed. 

For more details, contact the Family Program office at 853-5668 or stop by Building 1055 Room 40 (Air Guard Wing HQ Building).