Joint Navigation Warfare Center

The JNWC was activated on Oct. 1, 2004 under the office of the Assistant
Secretary of Defense for Networks Information & Integration. Since OctoberJNWC seal 2007, JNWC resides under Joint Functional Component Command for Space, becoming USSTRATCOM's lead for Joint Navigation Warfare capabilities integration.

The JNWC's mission is to enable positioning, navigation and timing superiority for the Department of Defense, interagency and coalition partners.

A bold, empowered organization committed to PNT superiority, actively shaping the environment and embracing selfless service in the defense of the nation.

The deliberate defensive and offensive action to assure and prevent PNT information through coordinated employment of space, cyber space and electronic warfare operations.

The JNWC integrates NAVWAR across the Department of Defense, and its first priority is providing operational support to the warfighter, providing NAVWAR subject matter expertise via 24/7 reachback and deployable teams. These teams provide geographic combatant commanders and joint force commanders expertise in planning and conducting NAVWAR operations across space, EW, cyberspace and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations, facilitating a common understanding of the friendly and enemy NAVWAR Order of Battle, as well as PNT-related successes and challenges in the battlespace.

The JNWC furthers the creation of NAVWAR knowledge for the warfighter by conducting PNT operational field assessments. The primary objectives of JNWC POFAs are to assess NAVWAR operational capabilities by prioritizing NAVWAR knowledge gaps based on warfighter requirements and to determine mitigations to NAVWAR operational vulnerabilities.


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