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  • Commander's Corner: Commissaries, exchanges for use only by those authorized

    Our commissaries and exchanges across the Air Force provide competitive prices and give back to the military communities they serve, but the price cuts and advantages are available for authorized personnel only. It has been brought to my attention that some patrons of the Base Exchange and Commissary may not have proper authorization. The Army and
  • Career Focus: Don’t lose it

    Each year as summer begins to dwindle the phrase "use or lose" is frequently heard. If Airmen accrue more than 60 days of leave after Sept. 30, those well-deserved days will be lost. Active-duty members earn 30 days of leave each year, or 2.5 days each month. We are encouraged to take 14 consecutive days each year under Air Force Instruction
  • Airmail

    Join the Buddy List for advance information on AAFES events Q. I am a U.S. Army spouse living in Albuquerque while my husband finishes his second 12-15 month tour in Iraq. I was very upset when I went to get two tickets for the free showing of "Transformers" this afternoon at the local BX and was told that there were none left. The sales associate
  • Commander’s Corner: Summer Bash brings together Team Kirtland for family fun

    We had an absolutely terrific Summer Bash here Friday (July 20)! The 377th Services Squadron's Summer Bash committee, led by Outdoor Recreation's Joni VanMeir, did a superb job planning and executing the bash. It turned out to be a perfect summer family event. Several thousand people came out and literally filled Hardin Field, something that
  • Commander’s Corner: Unexpected inspections no problem when high standards are kept

    Many of you who live in the dorms on base got an unexpected visit from an inspection team Sunday afternoon. For those of you who thought your senior leaders had nothing better to do during their free time, let me assure you; that's not the case. No-notice inspections are conducted periodically to determine and ensure security, military fitness, and
  • Why we fight

    On July 9, 1776, Gen. George Washington had the Declaration of Independence read to his troops in New York City in order to explain why they must fight. During World War II, military leaders at all levels were directed to explain the reasons "Why We Fight" to their troops on a regular and recurring basis. It might seem to us today that it was
  • Letter to the commander: Wingman attitude brings gratitude

    I'd like to thank the following people for being there for me and my grandchild during a horrible experience. On July 10, approximately 7:55 a.m., I got out of my car to take my granddaughter (17 months old) to swimming lessons. Needless to say, I locked the keys in my car with her still in it. Angela Sloltenberg was taking her children to swim
  • Culturally diverse, environmentally aware

    Part of our mission, as it is for all Air Force bases, is to be conscientious stewards of the land and its resources and I believe we are doing an excellent job of caring for our environment. We are required to adhere to the same environmental regulations everyone has to follow regarding the tools and materials we use as a part of the Air Force
  • Career Focus: Beyond material compensation

    Today, I received a letter from our accounting and finance office with the heading: Personal Statement of Military Compensation. This letter reported the annual value of my direct compensation from basic pay, allowances and bonuses. It also reported the value of indirect compensation from medical benefits. Additionally, the value of free
  • Commander’s Corner: DVs visit; 101 days of summer kicks off

    Whew! To say it's been a very busy week for Team Kirtland would be a huge understatement! Over the past seven days, Kirtland opened its gates to many distinguished visitors. Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo of Guam honored us as the guest speaker for the Asian Pacific American Heritage banquet last Friday, while Lt. Gen. Dave Deptula, deputy chief