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  • Battle the ‘holiday blues’ this holiday season

    The other night, while flipping through the channels, I ran across a Christmas special on TV. It was an old one about the year without Santa Claus. In it, a little girl sang about having a "blue Christmas without you." It reminded me that this is a time of year when many people get the "blues." Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Eid,
  • Airmail: Drivers here are out of control! What can be done?

    Unsafe driving practices on base are becoming out of control! Is there anything that can be done? I have recently noticed a sharp increase of interest and concern regarding traffic violations on Kirtland AFB, specifically in our school zones, residential neighborhoods, and violations by those who use short-cuts to by-pass road construction. To help
  • Career Focus: Many specialties but one team, one family

    It seems like yesterday that I wrote my first Career Focus article for the Nucleus. Actually, it was June of 2005. Writing this article has always been the strangest part of my duties because I'm not really comfortable with writing. I'm the crusty old aircraft mechanic who loves to fix problems using the fewest written words as possible.
  • Commander’s Corner: How green is your Air Force?

    The Air Force has been practicing environmentally responsible decision-making for a long time. Beyond using renewable energy sources Air Force wide, you don't have to look far to see the important role Kirtland AFB is playing in protecting our environment here and in the communities around us. On Nov. 1, Kirtland received the 2007 Federal Energy
  • Airmail

    There seems to be a lack of safety at Paintbrush and the road leading to Sandia Base Elementary, what's being done about it? Traffic control can be a challenge with approximately 52,000 acres and over 100 associate units on the installation, especially near schools where large numbers of vehicle and pedestrian traffic occur in a relatively short
  • Career Focus: 99% heart, 1% everything else

    Another promotion cycle is quickly approaching for master sergeants across the Air Force. With test dates in December, many will begin to study the professional development guide. Some will study so much that they will split the bookbinding. Many will wonder how competitive their records will be when scrutinized by the promotion board. Promotion to
  • Commander’s Corner: Anniversary celebration lived up to its promise

    Sixty years ago this week, the National Security Act of 1947 established the Air Force as an independent service. That independence marked a milestone in air and space history. Born out of the lessons of World War II, the fledgling service stood on the shoulders of giants like Billy Mitchell and Hap Arnold, and demonstrated that Airmen bring a
  • Airmail: Why not offer alternative fuel at pump?

    Q. I would like to suggest that Kirtland AFB and AAFES take the lead in our community and offer E85 fuel, commonly known as ethanol, at the base service station, and possibly biodiesel as well. I think the base could use its infrastructure and its patriotic early-adopter populous to encourage availability, education and usage throughout the
  • Career Focus: Want to succeed? Desire it

    One of my favorite hobbies is visiting philosophy sections at bookstores. It's cool to relax, read and learn from the world's greatest thinkers. I know this may not sound like the most exciting thing to do on a Friday night, but it's fun to study how people behave and think. Besides, it beats hanging out at the self-help section. When my sons tag
  • Commander’s Corner: Air Force and New Mexico share heritage

    The Air Force has a long, rich history. New Mexico has been a part of that history since the very beginnings of the Air Force when we were just an infant service, and even earlier, to the days of the Army Air Forces and the Manhattan Project. This year we celebrate 60 years as an independent service, and at the same time we celebrate 60 years of