Distributed Mission Operations Center

705th Combat Training Squadron
The mission of the Distributed Mission Operations Center (DMOC) at the 705th Combat Training Squadron USAF is to develop, integrate and deliver DMOC capabilities and training to prepare warfighters for combat in joint and coalition environments through exercises, training, tactics, techniques and procedures-warfighter readiness, testing, experimentation, tactical to operational-bridged events, and standards development.  The DMOC is the Air Force’s hub for distributed combat training exercises, testing and experimentation. Through the DMOC, warfighters at locations around the globe face realistic threat scenarios to practice tactics and procedures. The DMOC architecture integrates virtual and constructive simulations across various networks to support a synthetic battlespace that models weapons and Command, Control, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance.


Virtual Flag is a large combat employment exercise conducted in a virtual battlespace. It is designed to provide operational and tactical warfighter training in a combat environment. Virtual Flag provides the entire training audience an opportunity to interact with joint elements of the Theater Air Control System with minimum additional personnel demands on high-demand/low-density assets. Through the Distributed Mission Operations Center here at Kirtland Air Force Base, Virtual Flag links geographically separated joint units together, allowing each to interact with one another using aircraft simulators at their home stations.