Career Focus: Promoting our Air Force

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Joseph Mulcahy
  • Team Kirtland career assistance advisor
A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of meeting the fifth Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force, Robert Gaylor. An incredibly gifted speaker, he takes command of every audience he encounters. He also has a lifetime of experience leading people.

During his visit, he took a few moments from his busy schedule to speak with this year's newest senior noncommissioned officers. The crowd was drawn to his words. After a few funny stories, he turned his focus to two major areas in which every Airman should strive to become an expert. In his words, "We must be high-tech and high-touch."

We must have the technical skills to get our complex missions done. We must be able to care for ourselves and positively influence and care for those around us. This is especially true when it comes to promoting our way of life by word and action.

It was not too long after Chief Gaylor's visit that I had an opportunity to talk about our armed services with my son and his civilian guidance counselor.

My son has watched my career, lived through the ups and downs, moved from base to base and still views military service as an awesome way of life. At a recent meeting with his counselor, he mentioned that he wanted to serve in the military.

I discussed the GI Bill, tuition assistance and the incredible special skills and training the military provides. I would not have been able to afford an education without the Air Force. I was number 10 out of 11 children in my family and never would have completed my college degree without the assistance of our armed forces. I am currently pursuing my master's degree at a very low cost.

Sure, we make huge sacrifices. Sure, we are exposed to many dangerous situations. However, serving in the military is still an awesome experience. Every member of the armed forces is a volunteer.

We have all heard it said that we are all recruiters. We are in the best position to tell our service's story. With our 60th anniversary coming up, the timing could not be more perfect. Each of us has many opportunities to talk about our service so it is vitally important to stay informed about our current missions, benefits and entitlements. There are many ways to do this. Read the base paper and roll call newsletters. Subscribe to military papers and magazines. Join a professional organization like the Air Force Sergeants Association, Air Force Association or the Noncommissioned Officers Association. Finally, stay connected with your peers in private organizations such as the Top 3 or Rising 6. If you are really proud of what we do, volunteer to take part in community events.

Promoting our Air Force is not reserved for public affairs, wing commanders and recruiters. We too must share our personal stories about our Air Force careers with those we meet. Behind every Air Force weapon system is a team of Airmen who are dedicated, educated, motivated and very human. No matter what specialty, we are American Airmen with the common goal of defending our nation.

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See you in the wings!