Bulk Fuels Facility Cleanup Project

In November 1999, the Air Force detected evidence of a fuel leak in an underground pipeline at the Bulk Fuels Facility on Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico. Now, through a unique partnership between the Air Force, regulators, and the Albuquerque community, significant progress is being made to clean up the fuel plume and to ensure drinking water supply wells continue to provide safe, clean drinking water to Albuquerque residents.

Bulk Fuels Facility Fact Sheet

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Teach-In Info

The following presentations provide background information on the fuel leaked (the underground "plume"), possible health hazards of plume chemicals, how the plume chemicals move in the ABQ aquifer, how contaminated water can be remediated and treated.

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UNM Ground Water Reclamation & Treatment

Ground Water Reclamation & Treatment