COVID-19 BX/Commissary Restrictions

Effective March 24, 2020, restrictions have been placed on Base Exchange and Commissary access to only active duty, retired personnel employed at Kirtland and base residents.

Base pharmacies will remain open to all eligible.  

For more local COVID-19 information, click on the KAFB Coronavirus icon or click here: 


Carlisle Gate Closed

Due to declining base vehicle traffic, the Carlisle Gate will close until further notice. The nearest base access point at the Truman Gate will remain open on a 24/7 schedule.

For up to date information, check the Kirtland App.


Kirtland Public Affairs can be reached via email at 377ABW.PA@us.af.mil.

For phone numbers, consult the Phone Numbers link on this page or call 505-853-4636 for a list of frequently contacted organizations.


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