377th Security Forces Group


I am an Air Police member, I hold allegiance to my country, devotion to duty and personal integrity above all. I will wear my badge of authority with dignity and restraint, and will promote by example high standards of conduct, appearance, courtesy, and performance. I seek no favor because of my position. I perform my duties in a firm, courteous, and impartial manner, irrespective of a person's color, race, religion, national origin or sex. I strive to merit the respect of my fellow Airmen and all with whom I come in contact.

Pass & Registration


Main Office
Building 20245 (Consolidated Support)
Phone: 846-6429
Hours: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday to Friday

Truman Visitor Center
Phone: 846-2676
Hours: 24 hours / Seven days a week

IPOC (Sandia Badge Office)
1611 Innovation Pkwy SE
Phone: 845-7227
Hours: 7:30 a.m. to noon, Monday to Friday

Vistor Pre-Notification Form

Important forms and info

For pass processes due to current COVID-19 Directives, go to the Coronavirus icon on the front page of the Kirtland website or the Kirtland App.

Pass Request Form

Visitor Passes:

Short term pass 
A Short Term Pass may be issued for up to 72 hours.  With the flight chief's or Pass & Registration approval, a Short Term Visitor Pass may be issued from 72 hours up to 30 days.  All Short Term Visit requests must be submitted via the Visitor Pre-Notification form.  This form must be taken to the Truman gate by the sponsor not earlier than three days prior to the visit date.  In order to obtain a pass the visitor must provide a valid DL, and proof of registration and insurance.

Long term pass (not to exceed 1 year)
A long term pass can be issued under certain circumstances.  Long term visitors must have a valid need to enter the installation.  In order to receive a long term pass, the visitor must accomplish the background check form, sign and date it.  The pass request form must also be filled out completely, including days and times visitor requires access. The sponsor then fills out the top portion of the pass request form with their information. The sponsor then drops off the pass request form and background check form to either the IPOC, or the Pass & Registration office.  Please allow at least 10 duty day to process the request.  The sponsor will be notified once the pass request is completed.  In order to obtain a pass the visitor must provide a valid driver's license, and proof of registration and insurance.

Foreign Nationals
All foreign nationals must be vetted through NCIC and INS. The Pass Request and Criminal Background Check forms must be completed and turned-in by the sponsor to the Pass and Registration Office not later than 10 days prior to the visit.  If the visitor is from a Tier 1 or 2 country, the sponsor is required to meet the visitor at one of the VCCs and escort the individual onto the installation.  The sponsor must remain with the visitor at all times.

Deniable Offenses
Individuals can be denied base access if they have been convicted of the following offenses:
   - Espionage, sabotage, treason, terrorism or murder.
   - Sexual assault, armed robbery, rape, child molestation, child pornography, trafficking in humans, kidnapping (felony), drug possession with intent to sell or drug distribution.
   - Any felony drug possession/offense, felony where a firearm or other dangerous weapon was use, aggravated assault or aggravated battery with great bodily harm within the last 10 years.
   - Any misdemeanor drug possession with the last 12 months or convicted of any non-violent or drug related felony within the past 12 months.
   - Any misdemeanor offense where a firearm or other dangerous weapon was used within the past three years

Restricted Area Badges
Restricted Area Badges are processed from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday to Friday. Individual must be in uniform to obtain their RAB. To out-process, individuals must obtain their AF Form 2586 from their  security manager. They must bring the AF Form 2586 and their Restricted Area Badge to the Pass & Registration Office.


Important numbers

Law Enforcement Desk (non-emergency):  846-7913 / 846-7926

Police Services
846-2760 / 2740

Physical Security/Force Protection

Wyoming:  846-6118
Truman:  846-7509
Gibson:  846-7240