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  • Judge Advocate: Just Ask

    The world of law can be difficult to understand, interpret, or simply remember. For Airmen, family members, and retirees, the Altus Air Force Base legal office, also known as the judge advocate, is a great resource when legal questions come up regarding official business or personal legal issues.

  • Parental tips to protect children online

    With the rise of digital technology, protecting children online has become more important than ever. Social media and other digital platforms can be dangerous, so parents must educate themselves on the dangers of social media and other digital platforms.

  • Constructively or Physically Present — What Type of Leader are You?

    Teammates, first and foremost, I wish you and your families a happy holiday season! Whether you’re deployed abroad or in garrison, the holiday season provides a time for us to take a much-needed breath, and in some cases, it provides an opportunity to take a knee. It’s a time to reconnect with

  • Part 3 - A case study in modernization: Challenge #2 command structure

    With mounting political pressure and a personal interest in seeing the project through completion, Gen. Henry ‘Hap’ Arnold would assume even greater oversight of the B-29 program once aircraft reliably rolled off the assembly lines. No unity of command, or anything remotely comparable to what Allied

  • Part 2 - A case study in modernization: Challenge #1 production

    Gen. Henry ‘Hap’ Arnold, dutifully following the White House’s request to accelerate production, placed an order for the B-29 before a prototype had been designed and tested, an unconventional and risky step, both then and now. There were constant program delays and even deaths.