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  • Suicide: no glory

    Editor’s Note: none of the events referred to in this commentary happened at Kirtland. Silence befell the dorm, a place that was never quiet. OSI agents were carefully processing the room before permitting me to document. Shaolin the DVD was at its menu screen, the music from the motion picture eerily playing on repeat the whole time I was in the room. The smell of multivitamins, Glade Hawaiian breeze plug-ins and vomit were all mixing in the air. The room and atmosphere became cold and lifeless. The sink was covered in emptied sleeping aid capsules, a blender bottle over filled with a concoction of vitamins and other pills. The agents left the room for me to work without disruption but there was one person that didn't leave. It was the young Airman laying stiff on the bed, with a bag over his head with vomit crusted around his mouth, neck and chest. This was my first alert photography call for a suicide. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be my last.
  • What we share this Fourth of July

    We share a common purpose with each other that we share with no one else. Our Core Values, and the character we are forced to develop in the constant adversity we face, forge a loyalty to one another. Our collective identity is still more about the dedication to our nation and each other than anything else.
  • Healthier Life: Good nutrition needed for optimal gut health

    Our food today is overly processed and full of toxic ingredients. And unfortunately all of these Americanized foods can lead to poor gastrointestinal health.
  • Healthier Life: The science of size and building muscle effectively

    Some of the most common resistance training questions I receive relate to increasing muscle size. With this in mind, here are some guidelines for using RT to maximize muscle growth.
  • Are you there for those around you?

    Have you ever met someone who changed how you look at yourself? Someone who did the right thing, time after time, despite the difficulties? Someone who was a leader not because of their rank, but because of their character? This is my story about one of those people and how he had the power to affect who we hope to become. This is my story about Staff Sgt. Dustin "Pete" Peters.
  • Weight loss: It’s more than ‘Calories In vs. Calories Out’

    One frequently hears “calories in vs. calories out” when discussing weight loss. The idea behind this is simple; in order to lose weight, calories in must be less than calories out. The reality is a bit more complicated.
  • Force protection and gate operations

    Kirtland is a unique place. The 377th Air Base Wing and our many mission partners are conducting missions vital to national defense. Our units have authority and responsibilities across five different major commands, multiple combatant commands and the Departments of Energy. Their responsibilities to our nation are immense. At the same time, our responsibilities at the 377th to enable those missions and to carry out our own are equally imperative. Force protection is first among these responsibilities.
  • Lifestyle strategies for cancer prevention

    Improvements in screening and treatment of cancer have resulted in significant reductions of cancer deaths in the United States. What are some lifestyle strategies for reducing cancer risk?
  • Healthier Life: Tips on how to ace your PT test

    I have yet to encounter an Airman who did not want to achieve a score of 90 on his or her PT test. However, many do not know how to train to accomplish this, and the Internet is an unreliable source of information. With this in mind, here are some evidence-based training tips that will help Airmen reach that 90-point goal.
  • Healthier life: Controlling stress eating

    We all have multiple stressors in our life, whether it be due to work, home, over exercising or not eating a nutritionally adequate diet. As Americans we have become accustomed to stress, but learning how to manage stress seems to be more difficult and often we turn to food for comfort. Any type of stress can cause our body’s hormones to fluctuate, which can lead to becoming overweight.