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  • ‘Atomic Annie’ finds resting place on base

    Next to the former National Atomic Museum, sits a piece of history. Kirtland is home to one of eight surviving atomic cannons that the Department of Defense tested in the 1950s. Nicknamed Atomic Annie, the atomic cannon was a 280 mm cannon capable of firing nuclear warheads. In total, 20 atomic cannons were produced, each weighing over 83 tons,
  • Airmen keep band going through PCS

    Iceland isn't known for its warm beaches or as a spring break destination, but Iceland still rocks - rocks to American music, that is. Back in 2003, two Airmen found they shared a love of music. Several years later and on a different continent, they still share a love of music and still bring down the house with their sounds. Master Sgt. Lawrence
  • Security forces lieutenant finishes Ranger School

    It's not everyday that an Airmen decides to take on the challenge of Army Ranger School, but 1st Lt. James Hewett was up to the task - and successfully graduated the course Jan. 26. Lieutenant Hewett said that his interest in attending Ranger School first emerged while he was attending the University of Alabama and took part in the Ranger Challenge
  • Working through the tough times

    The chapel here is beginning a program that provides sup port and education for those going through or those who have gone through a divorce. DivorceCare is a biblically-based seminar and recovery support group that will begin at the chapel Feb. 25. Chap. (Maj.) Thomas Porter, the senior Protestant chaplain, said that there are many churches in the
  • Airmen take on tallest mountains for Air Force

    Capt. Rob Marshall loves mountain climbing, but that isn't the reason he has set out to climb the highest peak on each continent - he's doing it because he loves the Air Force. Growing up in Seattle, Captain Marshall, a member of the 71st Special Operations Squadron here, had a love for the outdoors. His family took short hiking and camping trips,
  • Airman excels at job, serving community

    Working hard and being dedicated is a mentality that Airman 1st Class Ryan Stoks learned on the wrestling mats from a young age; that mentality is something that remains true for him today serving in the Air Force. Serving in the 58th Operations Support Squadron, Airman Stoks finds himself here after being named an All-American National Junior
  • HAWC offers tips, advice for American Heart Month

    One in three American adults has one or more types of cardiovascular diseases according to the American Heart Association. In nearly every year since 1900, cardiovascular diseases have accounted for more deaths than any other single cause or group of causes in the United States. These deaths can be avoided by prevention and education. February has
  • Rocket science and more

    As the old saying goes, "It doesn't take a rocket scientist ..." - but in this case, it does. The Space Development and Test Wing here is the "primary provider of launch capability, space flight and on-orbit operations for the entire Department of Defense space research, development, and test and evaluation community." SDTW was created last year
  • The warfighter's trump card

    The Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center is a one-of-a-kind organization with a population less than one-quarter of a percent of the entire Air Force. The center's almost 1,200 military, civilian and contractors are currently testing more than 100 programs that include systems like the Joint Strike Fighter, CV-22 Osprey and
  • 898th MUNS Support Section keeps squadron moving

    The 898th Munitions Squadron Support Section handles all of the maintenance support requirements for the entire squadron. The support section plays a key role in the success of our upcoming Nuclear Surety Inspection and nuclear surety on a daily basis. They provide everything from office supplies to vehicles for use during operations. Their biggest