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  • Pearl Harbor service memorializes veterans

    There are countless personal stories that have emerged from that fateful day of Dec. 7, 1941 - the day Pearl Harbor and surrounding islands were attacked, bringing America into World War II - but the message that connects all the personal and emotional stories is that freedom doesn't come without a cost. "Freedom isn't free," The Rev. Dr. Roy
  • EOD members help save team chief

    Members of explosive ordnance disposal teams have dangerous jobs, but those dangerous jobs are also very rewarding. Their training in explosives is important in combat situations and their wingman experiences proved to be a lifesaver for the team chief of a pair of deployed Team Kirtland EOD members. Senior Airman Nick Worthington and Senior Airman
  • SERE instructor delivers baby in base housing

    Staff Sgt. Jarod Savage and wife Linda spent more than nine months preparing for the birth of their first child together. They planned to go without drugs and use a natural method of childbirth, but still anticipated giving birth at the hospital. Baby Micah had other plans. When Ms. Savage went into labor early Nov. 19, Sergeant Savage was called
  • Responsive space demonstrator ready to roll

    In the near future, the Air Force will employ the responsive space concept and design, construct, test and deliver a mission-ready satellite within a 15-month time frame.One week after receipt of a tasking order, the vehicle will be launched and operated in the cosmos. With the TacSat-2 micro satellite's scheduled lift-off from the National
  • LRS officer receives bronze star for actions in Afghanistan

    Today, a suicide car bomber is everyone's nightmare; for Capt. David W. Simpson, 377th Logistics Readiness Squadron assistant director of operations, it was a reality.On a sunny, mild February day, the captain, as the transportation commander, bumped along on the dusty Afghan road on his orientation convoy of Humvees and Ford Rangers. He had
  • Teams prepare for show-stopper demonstrations

    Since June, two six-member teams composed of a mixture of Air Force junior officers and civilians have focused, with a sense of urgency, on designing, developing, and testing groundbreaking, non-lethal, vehiclestopper prototypes.These prototypes are meant for employment at deployed military checkpoints to deter operators or occupants from
  • Albuquerque resident helps deployed troops write home

    Sarah Coca doesn't have a loved one in the armed forces and has no ties to the military, but you wouldn't know that from the tremendous amount of time, blood, sweat and tears -- not to mention money, that she has put into what she calls "Letters Home."In July 2005, Ms. Coca says she was astounded by video she saw on the news showing long lines of
  • Col. Kirtland's granddaughter visits base

    From the moment Dr. Jennifer Pruyn Heckman -- the granddaughter of Col. Roy C. Kirtland -- arrived here Monday, she got a chance to get acquainted with her grandfather's legacy and his continuing influence throughout the base, the state and the Air Force family.Dr. Heckman, an independent educational consultant from Palo Alto, Calif., visited here
  • SOW prepares Airmen for deployments

    At high elevation, in the remote area of Coyote Canyon, Airmen were huddled in meetings last week, planning convoy missions, enemy assaults and rescue strategies, readying themselves for how they might escape and foil attacks from the enemy.In another location, Airmen, including pararescuemen and members of the 58th Operations Support Squadron,
  • Chapel program offers free dinner, sewing

    Airmen ventured into the security forces dorm day room with uniforms in hand and empty stomachs Oct. 19. The chapel presented "Supper and Stripes," a new program that provides Airmen with a home-cooked meal while volunteers sew patches or stripes on uniforms.Supper and Stripes is held the third Thursday of the month in the security forces dorm day