This week in history: Celebrating the Air Force’s 60th Anniversary through Kirtland’s history

  • Published
  • By David Bragg
  • 377th Air Base Wing historian
Khaki arrives at Kirtland Field, April 15, 1943
This day marked the sprouting of khaki at Kirtland Field, and a goodly number of GIs took advantage of the official order that provided for a change from olive drab to "sun tans" on an optional basis. 

After May 1, 1943, however the change became mandatory.

Vice president visits base, April 17, 1966
Vice President Hubert Humphrey came to Kirtland April 17. After the formal introductions, the Humphreys spent 15 minutes talking to the crowd, in spite of the wind and dropping temperatures. 

Then, while Mrs. Humphrey went off to the Kirtland Officers' Club for tea, her husband visited the Special Weapons Center technical facilities and to Sandia Base. 

After his tour, Vice President Humphrey told reporters he was impressed with the spirit of teamwork exhibited here by the military services and industry.