Working through the tough times

  • Published
  • By Sheila Rupp
  • Nucleus journalist
The chapel here is beginning a program that provides sup port and education for those going through or those who have gone through a divorce. DivorceCare is a biblically-based seminar and recovery support group that will begin at the chapel Feb. 25.

Chap. (Maj.) Thomas Porter, the senior Protestant chaplain, said that there are many churches in the area that are offering the program, but the chapel staff chose to offer one because of the uniqueness of military families and relationships. Chaplain Porter said that although the divorce rates in the military mirror those in the civilian population, there are different stressors for military families such as temporary duty assignments, deployments and inspections. He said that the group will enable military personnel to relate to each other's situations better.

The program lasts 13 weeks and each weekly session begins with a 30-minute video on the weekly seminar topic. Topics range from facing anger and depression to financial survival and beginning new relationships. Reconciliation is also addressed in the series. After the video, participants break into small groups for discussion and support.

DivorceCare consultant, Rusty Peck, will be helping to lead and teach the class. He said, "This wonderful ministry found me at a very hurting place in September 2005 and gave me great emotional and spiritual healing. ... It brings me great joy and reward to be a part of God's healing work in the lives of some of the most hurting people on the planet."

Although DivorceCare is a scripturally-based ministry program, Mr. Peck said that anyone is welcome and encouraged to attend the class regardless of their own spirituality. 

Chaplain Porter said that even if you're not in a situation to go through the program, think of people who might benefit from it and let them know that there is help. The chapel staff hopes to hold DivorceCare twice a year and will hold the class more often if the demand is high. The staff also hopes to find future facilitators from the class with the thought that those that have participated and graduated from the course will help to lead the class effectively.

Chaplain Porter said DivorceCare is for anyone who is motivated and wants to get through the tough times following a divorce. He also said that anyone who is considering divorce or those who have not yet finalized a divorce should attend because it could aid in reconciliation. Chaplain Porter advises that people come in as soon as possible because you can benefit from the help early on, but said the class is for all stages of divorce and is aimed at helping participants move on.

The class will be held in the chapel Sunday evenings, when, Chaplain Porter said, there is no one else in the chapel, which provides a safe haven for group participants. The group operates on a confidentiality agreement; what is said in class, stays in class. If the class is not for you or doesn't fit into your schedule, Chaplain Porter said pastoral care counseling on an individual basis is always an option.

To learn more about the program, visit or call Chaplain Porter or Chap. (Capt.) David Daus at 846-5691.