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  • UAS are fun but come with safety regulations

    Today, the latest and greatest toy on the market is a drone, or the more appropriate term, unmanned aerial system. They come in all sorts of flavors from fixed-wing aircraft to octocopters, with quadcopters being the most popular. Why are these pesky little toys such a big deal? Because they’re fun!

  • Healthier Life: Your brain on exercise

    We have libraries of data documenting the benefits of exercise for the body. What about the brain? Quite a bit of research collected over the past several years points to the conclusion that, yes, when you exercise, your brain benefits, too.

  • I am Independence Day

    I am an American Airman. Americans have celebrated the Fourth of July for 241 years. It’s a reminder of our freedom and liberty, and a symbol of hope.I am a warrior.We fought to win our independence from our oppressors and we won. Why? Because we are a nation willing to defend what is right.I have

  • Balance, agility training help prevent ankle sprains

    Since May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, let’s talk about a sports-related injury: ankle sprains. Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries in civilian populations. In military members, the rate of ankle sprain is over five times higher than in civilians.

  • Healthy food, exercise provide better detox than diets

    When you hear the word “detox,” what do you think?Do you think about juice cleanses, weight loss and dieting? You are not alone.The “detox diets” have taken over as one of the most popular diet and weight-loss trends today. The claims they make include cleansing your body, giving you a “jump-start”

  • Healthy lifestyles work better than supplements

    Dietary supplements (DS) are certainly big business.For example, in 2014, sales of DS in the U.S. totaled $36.7 billion. In 2015, global sales were estimated to be nearly $100 billion.Nearly 50 percent of the U.S. civilian population takes at least one DS, and rates of DS use in military populations

  • Airmen prohibited from participating in political events

    The following column is a fictional story as part of the “JA Kirt” series, and is intended to provide brief legal guidance to Airmen.  For more information on the issues presented in this column, please see AFI 51-902, Political Activities by Members of the US Air Force.Hi there, my name is Kirt, an

  • Core principles: Minimize sit-ups in training

    Developing a strong core musculature is important for injury prevention, as well as for performance on the physical training test.However, there are many mythologies regarding core training.One of these is that it is possible to isolate the upper front core from the lower front core with specific

  • KSC scholarships help lessen costs of college

    Like many high school seniors, for me it was never a question of whether I would go to college, but rather which college or university I would attend.I knew the degree and major I wanted, and I had found the perfect school for me. I had all of the answers, except one.I found myself wondering exactly