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  • Firearms safety and your family

    Recently, an Air Force installation experienced the suicide of a dependent child.  This tragic incident was perpetrated with the use of a parent’s privately owned firearm, reminding us of the importance of protecting our firearms to keep our homes as safe as possible. Storage guidelines state you have the responsibility to store firearms in such a
  • Proud history, heritage: Continuing a legacy of Tiger PRIDE

    Today’s Tiger Airmen should look upon the proud history and heritage of the 377th Air Base Wing and follow in the footsteps of those who served before them.  The unit was first activated as the 377th Combat Support Group on April 8, 1966, as part of the air arm of Military Assistant Command-Vietnam, responsible for operations and maintenance of the
  • Volunteers keep Kirtland's thrift shop running

    Recently, I spent a day at the Kirtland Spouses Club Thrift Shop talking with volunteers, shoppers and consigners.I was there to get a better understanding of thrift shop operations. Part of my responsibility as KSC president is to support each KSC initiative, which includes the thrift shop.Through discrete observation and inquiry, I learned that I
  • Kirtland's firearms policy explained

    Across our great nation, more people are deciding they would like to carry a firearm.  As with every decision we make, the decision to carry a firearm comes with positives and negatives. Among the negatives is the need to learn the differing rules among jurisdictions.  New Mexico state law allows people to carry a firearm in the open, or in their
  • Research shows little benefit to ketogenic diet

    Over the past few years, high-fat, low-carbohydrate ketogenic diets have become very trendy and popular.Advocates of ketogenic diets claim these diets result in greater weight loss, plus reductions in heart disease, diabetes and cancer risk factors over more traditional diets. In addition, ketogenic diets have been claimed to improve endurance
  • The dilemma of counting calories

    Calories are one of the main components we think about when it comes to diet.  Typically a weight-loss diet would consist of following the traditional “calories in equals calories out,” which means that if we consume less calories than we expend, we will lose weight.  However, there are a couple of issues that make it difficult to count calories as
  • Running myths busted

    Running is a very popular aerobic activity, and for Airmen, it’s a critical component of the physical training test.Because of this, it’s important to separate science from non-science regarding run training.The Internet in general is a great resource for information. There is, however, a tendency to think if it’s on the Net, it must be true, but
  • Proper eating boosts athletic achievement

    Performance nutrition is a hot topic, with much information out there on the web about what athletes or exercise enthusiasts should or should not eat to help them increase their performance level. Performance nutrition can be very complex and individualized to the specific person. However, a few basic components should start as the foundation for
  • Tips for safe summer exercise in the heat

    As summer approaches, we're enticed by the longer days and warmer weather to spend more time outdoors.Certainly, there are a wide variety of activities from which to choose: walking, running, swimming, tennis, hiking and many others. As with any change of seasons, it's important to prepare for what's ahead.Here are some useful tips to make your
  • Dignity, respect anchor opportunity, right to serve

    This month, as we prepared to celebrate our nation’s independence and to contemplate all that we hold dear as Americans, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter made the announcement that the Department of Defense was opening military service to transgender Americans.The announcement detailed an implementation of the new access in stages across the next