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  • Veterinary services

    Veterinary servicesThe U.S. Army operates a veterinary services clinic in building 20168 on Pennsylvania Avenue. The veterinary clinic provides outpatient care for privately owned animals of active duty military and retired military.For an appointment, call 505-846-4276. In-clinic and curbside

  • Victims' Counsel

      Kirtland Representatives: Capt Irene Liscano Irene.Liscano.1@us.af.mil SSgt Chelica Thompson Chelica.Thompson@us.af.mil Bldg. 20604, Suite D-19 Kirtland AFB NM 87117 Comm: (505) 846-2323 DSN: 246-2323 (202) 763-5494 (202) 731-3192 Office Hours: Monday -