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  • Tactical Satellite-3

    The Tactical Satellite-3 spacecraft, scheduled to launch in late January 2009, features an onboard processor, which will provide real-time data (within 10 minutes of its collection) to the combatant commander in the theater of interest. TacSat-3 project partners include the Army Space and Missile Defense Command, Air Force Space Command, the
  • Technology Applications Division/Systems Engineering and Analysis Branch

    The Technology Applications Division of the Air Force Research Laboratory's Directed Energy Directorate concentrates on supporting directed energy developing technologies and transitioning that research to the front-line. The Systems Engineering and Analysis Branch supports concept development, system performance, utility assessment, modeling and
  • Thunderbird Inn dining facility

    Thunderbird Inn dining facilityLocated in building 20350.Phone number is 846-8048.
  • Tips to prevent Frozen Pipes

    Tips to prevent Frozen PipesThe possibility of pipes freezing increase the lower the temperature drops. At or below 20 degrees Fahrenheit it becomes critical to take preventive measures.Faucets: should be left running, both for your sinks and tubs. T he volume of the stream should be approximately the size of lead in a pencil. Sinks: turn your
  • Transition Assistance Program

    Helps separating and retiring service members and their families make a smooth transition to civilian life. TAP is also provided to DoD civilian employees (and family members) impacted by restructuring and reductions. Spouses are welcome and encouraged to participate in all TAP events.Service Members should start their transition up to: ยท 12 months