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  • Space Electronics & Protection Branch

    Who We Are... The Air Force's premiere organization for research and development of Space Environmental Effects, Space Electronics, and Satellite Protection Technologies. Electronics Components Development Group Electronics Foundation Research Group Integrated Microsystems Research Group What We Do... Investigate the effects of
  • Space Test Group

    Mission Statement Provides the expertise, infrastructure and processes necessary to accomplish developmental test and evaluation of space assets, to include scientific, technology demonstration and developmental systems, while enabling rapid migration of space capabilities to the warfighter. Accelerates mission design and integration, launch
  • Space Test Program

    Mission Statement Serve as the primary provider of spaceflight for the entire Department of Defense space science and technology community. The DOD Space Test Program is administered by the Space Development Group based at Kirtland AFB, N.M. The Space Test Program is chartered by the Office of the Secretary of Defense to serve as "...the primary
  • Space Weather Center of Excellence

    In March 2000, the Air Force Research Laboratory's (AFRL's) Space Vehicles Directorate formed the Space Weather Center of Excellence (CoE) at Hanscom AFB, MA. Concentrating the work of several branches of the directorate's Battlespace Environment Division, the CoE develops technologies for specifying, forecasting, and mitigating the effects of the
  • Space Weather Forecasting Laboratory

    Space Weather and Its Effects "Space weather" refers to highly dynamic variations in the natural space environment. These changes are driven by the sun and occur on timescales of seconds to days. Space weather affects military, civil, and commercial systems operating in or through space in several ways, including: radio interference and propagation
  • Space-Based Infrared Technology Center of Excellence

    The Air Force Research Laboratory's (AFRL's) Space Vehicles Directorate combined three of its most important mission technologies into one Infrared (IR) Technologies Center of Excellence (CoE). Consisting of a cluster of related technologies recognized as having both technical excellence and importance to the directorate's mission, this CoE was
  • Spacecraft Component Technology Center of Excellence

    Our Mission Invent, develop, and transition innovative space power, controls, and structures technology to make spacecraft more affordable and capable, enable innovative space system architectures, and enable future military space missions. Our Core Competencies Space power generation Space structures Launch vehicle vibro-acoustics
  • Special Victims' Counsel

    Kirtland Representatives: Capt. Sean McDivitt sean.mcdivitt.2@us.af.mil Bldg. 20604, Suite D-19 Kirtland AFB NM 87117 Comm: (505) 846-4235 DSN: 246-4235 24/7 Phone: (202) 763-5494
  • Staff Judge Advocate volunteers

    Need for Volunteers The VITA Tax Center is almost entirely a volunteer program. The acronym "VITA" says it all -- "Volunteer Income Tax Assistance". Although the program is directed by the Staff Judge Advocate Office, the heart of the program is its volunteers. Without the volunteers, there would be no program. Without them, the free tax service
  • Starfire Optical Range at Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico

    Freedom to maneuver in space is critical to meeting the United States Air Force's mission to fly, fight, and win in air, space and cyberspace. The ability to exploit the characteristics of space gives the warfighter a competitive edge in virtually all engagements.Additionally, space allows the United States to watch the entire globe on an almost