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  • Management and labor union focused on mission and people

    Last week the Nucleus printed a photograph of Francisco Smalls, American Federation of Government Employees Local 2263 president and me signing the new Labor/Management Partnership. Although the photograph was great, it failed to adequately portray the significance of the event. This agreement is based on our shared interests to increase readiness,
  • Career Focus: The holidays are a great time for giving, investing

    A few weeks ago, I participated in a gift wrapping fundraiser at the base exchange. Our booster club worked diligently and cheerfully while assisting holiday shoppers. Thanks to our efforts and our customers' generous donations, we earned some money to help fund our squadron's holiday party. More importantly, we assisted those who had purchased
  • Seen and unseen Rockers make it happen

    It's hard to believe that another year has passed by so quickly. With Thanksgiving behind us and a new year ahead, it's a perfect time to reflect upon past accomplishments and establish future goals.This past year, I've had the privilege of meeting and helping scores of people, but I couldn't have done it without the assistance of many outstanding
  • We understand; we won't forget

    Each year as Veterans Day approaches, I revisit the childhood memories of my mother gathering me and my 10 siblings to go see a Veterans Day parade. My mom was a true patriot and showed it every year by marching every mile with the parade.She would point to the soldiers who served in World Wars I and II. She would tell us about Uncle Jack and his
  • A roar of thunder and a thousand silent thoughts

    Team Kirtland rarely ceases to impress me. Last weekend, I had the privilege of carrying Alaska's flag as part of a parade of state flags at the New Mexico Veterans' Memorial. I was joined by dedicated Airmen representing not only their states but every unit on Kirtland. Each volunteer braved the early morning frost and gave up a small part of
  • Warrior ethos in PME ... are you kidding me?

    For at least the past two years, the Air Force's senior enlisted officials have communicated the need for people to step outside of their comfort zone and experience new things: whether it's being a TI, a recruiter, a professional military education instructor, career assistance advisor or a first sergeant.So as I digested these words of wisdom I
  • Base leadership addresses housing issues

    This past weekend, an anonymous Kirtland Family Housing resident posted a letter on all of the mailboxes in base housing asking residents to voice their concerns to the director of the base housing office. Although it was probably well intended, this letter was inaccurate in its description of the common problems and actions being taken to correct
  • NWC commander speaks out on motorcycle accidents

    Tragedy. In the past six weeks, two members of our Nuclear Weapons Center family have died in motorcycle accidents. Family members lost a father, son, brother and uncle. Three children are orphans. We lost friends, co-workers and vibrant, wonderful members of our Air Force family.Why? The rationalization that we often use to cope with these