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Default Air Force Logo The dilemma of counting calories
Calories are one of the main components we think about when it comes to diet.  Typically a weight-loss diet would consist of following the traditional “calories in equals calories out,” which means that if we consume less calories than we expend, we will lose weight.  However, there are a couple of issues that make it difficult to count calories as
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Running is a very popular aerobic activity, and for Airmen, it’s a critical component of the physical training test. Because of this, it’s important to separate science from non-science regarding run training. (Photo by Jamie Burnett)
Running myths busted
Running is a very popular aerobic activity, and for Airmen, it’s a critical component of the physical training test.Because of this, it’s important to separate science from non-science regarding run training.The Internet in general is a great resource for information. There is, however, a tendency to think if it’s on the Net, it must be true, but
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Kirsten David, Health Promotion Program dietitian, teaches new recipes at a healthy cooking demonstration. David encourages people who are trying to boost athletic performance to learn proper nutrition. (Photo by Dennis Carlson) Proper eating boosts athletic achievement
Performance nutrition is a hot topic, with much information out there on the web about what athletes or exercise enthusiasts should or should not eat to help them increase their performance level. Performance nutrition can be very complex and individualized to the specific person. However, a few basic components should start as the foundation for
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As Kirtland sees higher temperatures, those exercising outdoors in the warmer weather should take precautions to stay safe. (Photo by Jamie Burnett)
Tips for safe summer exercise in the heat
As summer approaches, we're enticed by the longer days and warmer weather to spend more time outdoors.Certainly, there are a wide variety of activities from which to choose: walking, running, swimming, tennis, hiking and many others. As with any change of seasons, it's important to prepare for what's ahead.Here are some useful tips to make your
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Dignity, respect anchor opportunity, right to serve
This month, as we prepared to celebrate our nation’s independence and to contemplate all that we hold dear as Americans, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter made the announcement that the Department of Defense was opening military service to transgender Americans.The announcement detailed an implementation of the new access in stages across the next
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Default Air Force Logo Reflect on our legacy as warriors
Veterans Day is a time to reflect on our legacy as warriors and defenders of liberty and our great nation.Unlike Memorial Day, which commemorates those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice, Veterans Day recognizes all who have answered the call of our nation. It is a celebration of the patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and
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Default Air Force Logo Thanks for a great weekend!
The 2011 Kirtland Air Force Base Open House on Sunday was a huge success! An estimated 50,000 of our friends and neighbors visited the base to take in a series of awe-inspiring displays of American airpower. The Air Force Academy's "Wings of Blue" parachute team delivered the American flag during the national anthem for the opening ceremony;
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Default Air Force Logo 9/11 anniversary is a time for remembrance
This weekend marks the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and the bravery of passengers on Flight 93; later this year, we will mark the 70th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. In both cases, our adversaries underestimated the resilience, dedication and spirit of the American
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Default Air Force Logo Americans’ freedom paid for by patriots
Of all the principles that became a reality with the birth of our nation, none is more cherished by our citizens than their freedom to live as they choose.All Americans enjoy that freedom as their birthright, and many have chosen to defend that freedom by serving the nation, both in and out of uniform.Those who serve know that freedom and
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Chief Master Sgt. Vernon L. Thompson Strong leadership holds the line
In my experience, effective leaders demonstrate a team approach without favoritism toward anyone. Good leaders are good listeners, who provide clear and concise direction on decision-making, articulate their message well and keep emotions out of the decision process. Ineffective leaders demonstrate large egos, a "so-what" mentality toward the
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