Kirtland’s firearm policy: key provisions you need to know

  • Published
  • By Sheridan Fidelman
  • 377th Air Base Wing Public Affairs

Kirtland Air Force Base has taken a proactive step to increase its security measures by introducing a revision to its firearm policy. The updated policy, which became effective in June of 2023, aims to create a safer environment for all personnel and visitors to Kirtland while maintaining the base's operational efficiency.  

Concealed and Open Carry Restrictions

Under the revised policy, a significant change has been made concerning concealed and open carry of firearms on the base premises. With the exception of authorized members who carry weapons for official duties, individuals, including LEOSA credential holders (active, retired, and separated Law Enforcement Officers), are no longer permitted conceal or open carry their weapons on Kirtland. This measure reinforces the base's commitment to preventing potential security risks and safeguarding the well-being of its community.

Mandatory Firearm Registration

To enhance accountability and oversight of firearms within Kirtland Family Housing, Maxwell Housing, and Fam Camp, everyone residing in these areas are required to register their firearms. This registration must be completed within 10 business days of either moving into the quarters or purchasing a firearm. The Security Forces Armory, which is open 24/7, is designated as the registration point and is located in the basement of building 20221. 

Enhanced Transportation Guidelines

Another crucial aspect of the Kirtland Privately Owned Firearms policy pertains to the transportation of firearms on the base. Individuals transporting firearms must adhere to stricter protocols, including ensuring that the weapon is unloaded, and that ammunition is stored separately from the firearm. The firearm must be securely enclosed in a locked case and kept out of the reach of both drivers and passengers. These measures are aimed at minimizing potential risks during transportation and maintaining safety standards. 

Loaded Firearm Exception

In situations where personnel are traveling directly to or from an off-base location to their place of work or for official business, the revised policy permits carrying a loaded firearm in a private vehicle. However, upon reaching the first on-base destination, the firearm must be concealed from public view, securely stored, and the vehicle must be locked. This exception strikes a balance between personal security and the base's safety standards. 

The ongoing reviews of the POF policy represents Kirtland's commitment to creating a secure environment for everyone on the installation. The base aims to reinforce its security posture and prioritize the well-being of its personnel and visitors. All individuals affiliated with Kirtland are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the POF policy.

For any inquiries about the POF policy, kindly refer to the website of the 377th Security Forces Group. Alternatively, you can reach out to them via email at or by phone at 505-846-5511.