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  • DNWS receives new commandant

    Army Col. John Mark Mattox assumed his new post as the Defense Nuclear Weapons School commandant in mid-August 2006.The Defense Threat Reduction Agency's education and training center provides unique academic training in nuclear weapons, radiological accident response and proliferation-related

  • 58th graduates last FE class

    As four students received their wings, an era came to a close. The last class graduated from the Basic Helicopter Flight Engineer course here Oct. 17.Kirtland has been the home of the BHFE course since April 1988. The first BHFE course was taught at Sheppard AFB, Texas, in Jan. 1980. Prior to the

  • Forming the future

    Education is the key to achieving a higher rank in society, both professionally and personally, and it's no different in the Air Force. The Airman Leadership School, designed to develop Airmen into effective front-line supervisors, also provides the skills necessary to succeed outside the military

  • Army veternarian finds home on Air Force base

    Army Capt. Elizabeth Mansi is the new base veterinarian here."Ever since I was a little kid, I have always, always wanted to be a veterinarian -- I have never thought about pursuing a different career path. The thought of being in the military hadn't occurred to me until later in life and when I

  • Mountain View Club offers everyone something

    The Mountain View Club offers a little bit of everything for everyone, from fine dining and social clubs, to being a place to hang out with friends or family for games or special events.Marco Boyd, club manager, said that club members enjoy many benefits in the way of everyday treats, from the

  • AFMC Wingman Day set for Nov. 9

    The Air Force has a unique culture based upon the concept of Airmen helping fellow Airmen in times of need and in building a strong sense of self and community. Wingman Day, an annual event, will be held here Nov. 9 in celebration of that culture and to reinforce the Wingman culture between

  • Thrift shop offers base Airmen $100 a quarter

    The thrift shop here is offering even more than the usual bargains these days for young Airmen and their families.The newly enacted Airmen Assistance Program is a program that will aid Airmen and their families who may be in need of clothing and household necessities."The management team at the

  • Blood program bleeds red, white and blue for deployed servicemembers

    A trauma victim may need 40 or more pints of blood. That might sound like a large amount and considering that an average adult's body contains about 10 pints of blood, it is. Advancements in medicine have made more life-saving techniques and procedures available, which means that more blood is

  • Make a Difference Day comes to Kirtland

    If one person helps another, that person is helping his entire community. That's the premise of Make a Difference Day, the most encompassing national day of helping others, which falls on Oct. 28 this year. As many around the country gear up to lend a hand where it is needed, volunteers at Kirtland

  • Laser test conducted with recycled fuel

    The world's first firing of a laser using recycled fuel was conducted here recently by an Air Force and Boeing Company team.During an Aug. 24 test at the Air Force Research Laboratory's Directed Energy Directorate, a chemical laser was supplied with its two main fuels -- basic hydrogen peroxide and