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The Space Rapid Capabilities Office, a direct reporting unit of the U.S. Space Force, has a specialized, restricted and unique mission. Space RCO is a relatively small office filled with people who love what they do in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Delivering space capabilities quickly and effectively requires a strong core culture and mindset.  Our short chain of command, direct connection to senior leadership and key operating principles cultivate speed to meet warfighter needs in operationally relevant timelines.


The Space RCO mission is to develop and deliver operationally dominant space capabilities at the speed of warfighting relevance.  We expedite delivery and deployment of space capabilities in response to the Commander, US Space Command requirements as assigned by our Board of Directors.


Space Rapid Capabilities Office
2351 Carlisle Blvd. SE
Kirtland AFB, NM 87117-5776 
Phone: 505-853-2413
Fax: 505-853-7068

Monica Hilbert                
505-846-0545 DSN 246




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Become a Space RCO Professional

Why be a part of the Space Rapid Capabilities Office team?

We have an exciting mission! We rapidly acquire critical space capabilities for the United States Space Force to meet the needs of our warfighters. This takes an energetic and diverse team of acquisition and support disciplines.  

We work in small, integrated and empowered teams! Space RCO has a flattened organization made up of dedicated, organic acquisition support functions: program management and technical engineering complemented by embedded contracting, financial management, HR, Security, and Information Technology professionals delivering skills critical to enabling the rapid response required for our unique missions.

Space RCO supports an environment of diversity! Space RCO values each and every bright mind working on our team to meet our goals.  We have cultivated an environment that embodies equal opportunity for advancement and recognition.

We have top-notch people we value and take care of!  Space RCO has a dynamic mix of active duty military, government civilians, FFRDC, and contractors.  We have an excellent professional development pedigree and brag on our ability to promote and educate our military and civilian personnel through centralized promotion, military and civilian professional development education.

The Space RCO is a fertile landscape for professional growth by raising future Command and Materiel Leaders with an unprecedented selection rate equal to or higher than organizations with larger eligible populations.  We laud our three civilian Secretariat- and United States Air Force-level award winners and are extremely proud of our diverse SETA, FFRDC, and support contract staff that are a core component of our fully integrated teams.

We are surrounded by the Sandia Mountains! Albuquerque boasts an inviting range of outdoor activities including ballooning in 310+ days of sunshine a year.  Additionally, we are in close proximity to Phoenix, Denver, Dallas, and the incredible activities the diverse Southwest offers!