Baby Boot Camp: Helping new mothers get fit

  • Published
  • By Sheila Rupp
  • Nucleus Journalist
Maintaining a fitness routine just got easier for moms on base with the arrival of Baby Boot Camp classes Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 a.m. at Hardin Field. 

The classes are taught by contracted trainers through the fitness center as part of the Baby Boot Camp franchise program, which is a mom and baby fitness program. The classes began here in February and are available in more than 150 cities across the nation. 

The program is designed to help new moms get back into shape after having a baby and combines cardiovascular drills with strength-training exercises. Strollers, or joggers, and resistance bands are an integral part of the workout. Class sizes are small which means more personal attention for participants and small children are an important part of the exercise program. Bringing children to the classes eliminates the cost and stress associated with finding appropriate childcare in order to go a gym or fitness center. 

"I am so thankful for Baby Boot Camp. Not only have I lost inches and gained energy, I've made new friends! My son, who is almost 3, gets up every day and says 'Can we go stretch Mommy?' It's not just about getting myself in better shape, it's about teaching my children early on that fitness is a fun, routine part of life," said Clara Austin, mother of two. 

Kristin Horler, a certified personal trainer and mother of two, founded Baby Boot Camp in 2001 after not being able to find a fitness program that addressed the challenges of being an active mother. Since 2001 the company has increased in size through franchising and now there are more than 300 locations. 

"Women are finally realizing the benefits of strength-training to increase weight loss and improve muscle tone," Ms. Horler said. "But Baby Boot Camp is not just about looking good. It's about feeling great and having the energy, strength and stamina you need to keep up with the intense physical demands of being a mom." 

Classes are held at Hardin Field so participants are asked to bring water and a mat or a towel, as well as snacks, toys, diapers and other necessities for youngsters. Infants must be at least 6 weeks old for mothers to participate in the class and children up to 4-5 years are welcome, though they need to fit into a stroller because strollers are used within the workout. Moms can participate six weeks after giving birth, though those that delivered via caesarian section need to wait eight weeks. Nadja Epler, of Baby Boot Camp Albuquerque, said that many moms have double and triple strollers, so exercising with more than one child is not a problem. 

The classes are $11 each session, or $55 a month, and the first session is free. New participants are encouraged to call Ms. Epler to ensure the instructor has enough resistance bands for the entire class, but anyone is welcome without prior notice. 

For more information visit www. or call Ms. Epler at 715-2307.