Travel card update

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  • By 377th Air Base Wing
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Air Force Financial management announced that the travel card program will return to a GTC-type card with key enhancements. This change affords travelers a fixed credit limit rather than relying on a travel obligation to load spending authority on the card. It will also eliminate the need for travelers to routinely request temporary spend limit increases.

Key enhancements to the GTC will include hardwiring most non-mileage reimbursements to the GTC and allowing electronic funds transfer requests for residual balances.
The transition plan is already in motion and will most likely run through the remainder of the fiscal year. Effective immediately, no new CSA applications will be processed. However, travelers will be able to continue using their current "blue" CSA card without interruption. After Citibank software updates this summer, the blue card will then be recognized as a GTC after the conversion in August/September. As a reminder, personal use of a GTC will not be allowed.

More information will be released as it becomes available. For more details, email 377 CPTS at