Airmail, Feb. 9

  • Published
  • By Col. Robert E. Suminsby Jr.
  • 377th Air Base Wing commander
We want your suggestions and comments; however, you may also call base agencies or use the chain of command.

Callers to Airmail will not have their names printed in the Nucleus.

To submit an Airmail, e-mail, call 846-4240, or write
377 ABW/CC Airmail
2000 Wyoming Blvd. SE
Kirtland AFB, NM 87117

Where's the Subway?
Within the last year, I saw a briefing at our commander's call that showed plans for building a Popeye's restaurant on the east side of base, for opening a Subway sandwich shop on the west side of base and for expanding the Shopette on the west side. What is the status of these proposed projects?

Thank you for writing in. Rumors about res- taurants and other Army and Air Force Exchange Service buildings can be quick to spread, and I'm sure there are others with similar questions.

There is a project to put in a Subway restaurant on the west side of base where the Roadrunner Club used to be. We are working with base units and Subway to renovate this building. If no funding problems arise, this project may be completed by the end of this year.

Popeye's, another restaurant that was planned for the base, was set to be placed next to the shopette on the east side. However, the project was canceled by AAFES headquarters this past summer. We are reviewing that site now for some other possible name brand fast food operations.

Lastly, there is a project to build a new shoppette with gas pumps on the west side of base on the corner of Randolph and Truman. These plans are in AAFES headquarters plans office for review and funding. There is no determined date for completion.

Turn down the radio
The other day as I stopped at the gate to show my ID, I was not only greeted by the gate guard but also the blaring music coming from the shack. Since the gate guards are the first impression you receive coming on base, I found this unprofessional. Can something be done about this?

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Although radios are authorized at the gates, our operating instructions prohibit radio volume to be a distraction to the guards or to the drivers of vehicles entering the installaation. The volume must be low enough that it can't be heard by personnel approaching or departing the gate area.

Loud music presents an unprofessional image, and more importantly is a safety issue for both guards and base personnel. The individuals responsible have been counseled and all personnel have been briefed again on current policy.

If this should happen again, please raise the issue with the guard on duty, or contact the action line. Thank you for your concern and ensuring all of Team Kirtland have a safe and professional place to work and live.

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