Commander’s Corner: Unexpected inspections no problem when high standards are kept

  • Published
  • By Col. Robert E. Suminsby Jr.
  • 377th Air Base Wing Commander
Many of you who live in the dorms on base got an unexpected visit from an inspection team Sunday afternoon. For those of you who thought your senior leaders had nothing better to do during their free time, let me assure you; that's not the case.

No-notice inspections are conducted periodically to determine and ensure security, military fitness, and good order and discipline for our young Airmen residing in the dorms.

Living in the dorms is a privilege, and with that privilege comes responsibility and an agreement to adhere to certain regulations.

The inspectors confiscated several illegal items and contraband during Sunday's walk through. Items such as candles, hot plates, knives, weapons and alcohol (for those who are underage), are not permitted in the dorms.

If you need a refresher on what is and is not allowed in the dorms, please see your dormitory manager or first sergeant. I'm sure they'll be glad to take a few minutes and explain the rules again.

Contrary to popular belief, senior leaders do not conduct inspections as a means to rifle through your personal belongings and invade your private space. As your parents probably told you a hundred times growing up, we do it for your own good.

Inspections not only ensure that everyone's following the rules, but also ensure the safety of both the residents and the base population. A fire in base housing, for example, is a tragedy for one family. But a fire in the dorms can be a tragedy for dozens of people.

In conjunction with the dorm inspection, we also conducted no-notice drug testing on over 250 people. For those of you who were tested, I thank you for your patience and professionalism. The testing was conducted as expeditiously as possible for such a large group, and I hope you were able to return to your leisure time quickly.

For the large group of officers and senior noncommissioned officers from across Team Kirtland who assisted with this event, I offer my gratitude for a job well done. When we don this uniform, we expect to be held to a high standard, and I thank you all for helping us to uphold that high standard.