Airmail: Pumps checked for unauthorized use

  • Published
  • By Col. Robert E. Suminsby Jr.
  • 377th Air Base Wing Commander
Q. Concerning the Aug. 3 article in the Nucleus by Colonel Parhizkar under Commander's Corner: Since the new gas station pumps do not require any identification, doesn't that mean they are available for unauthorized use by guests, visitors, contractors, civilians and federal employees?

A. The Army and Air Force Exchange Service has signs posted at our gas pumps that state, "ID Requirements: Purchases at this activity are restricted to authorized personnel possessing a valid ID card. Patrons in civilian dress are required to present ID cards to attendant/cashier on-duty when requested."

These signs help prevent unauthorized civilians from "unknowingly" using the gas pumps. And, if unauthorized civilians are found to be wrongfully using the gas pumps during periodic spot checks, AAFES will report them to the base commander so they may be dealt with appropriately.

Someday, AAFES may have a system where customers swipe their identification cards along with their credit cards at the gas pumps. There are at least two different types of cards issued to active duty personnel, retirees and family members; this requires two separate scanning devices. This will be way too costly. We believe that providing the "24/7 - pay at the pump" convenience outweighs the cons, in this case, the occasional unauthorized gas purchases.