KAFB Violence Prevention Program: Building better, healthier communities

  • Published
  • By Edith Wegner
  • 377th Air Base Wing, Violence Prevention Integrator

Sadly, all communities experience incidents of suicide, sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse, sexual harassment and substance use; however, there are programs on Kirtland Air Force Base that work hard at reducing those incidents. 

As Suicide Prevention Awareness Month closes out, Team Kirtland members are reminded of help available to them through the Violence Prevention Program. 

The Violence Prevention Program at Kirtland Air Force Base focuses on primary prevention efforts to address violence-related incidents through a public health lens. The mission of primary prevention is to reduce the overall likelihood that ANYONE will become a victim or perpetrator of violence by increasing awareness and providing education.

“Prevention offerings occur at all levels and ranks, and across the installation in different forms,” said Edith Wegner, Violence Prevention Program manager.

Through annual Sexual Assault and Suicide Prevention training, the program provides education on a wide range of topics related to violence prevention, to include domestic violence, mental wellness, mental health issues, suicide prevention, substance abuse, healthy relationships, coping skills and grief support. 

Additionally, year-round community outreach efforts from the Violence Prevention Program increase awareness, educate, influence and connect those in need with resources available. Events such as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Operation Baby Shower, gunlock distribution, 377ABW Violence Prevention Board and information and educational displays across the installation, continue to improve prevention efforts.

“The main goal of violence prevention is to build better, healthier communities,” said Wegner.

For more information about the Violence Prevention Program or request support or resources, contact Edith Wegner at edith.wegner@us.af.mil or (505) 846-0288.