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Squadron unveils one stop website for enlisted promotion study materials

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For many years, Airmen have had to search multiple websites and resources to find the necessary material for their enlisted promotion studies. This could be anything from learning what they need to study or finding audio files to help them prepare for the tests. However, all of this is now a thing of the past thanks to the Studies and Analysis Squadron (SAS) at Air Education and Training Command (AETC).

Members of the SAS have worked hard during recent months to create one comprehensive website where Airmen can access all of their enlisted promotion study materials in one place – The AF Enlisted Promotion Study Guides website.

The site hosts electronic versions of AF Handbook 1, including both publication files as well as audio files; study guides tailored specifically towards those testing for staff sergeant or technical sergeant; plus, the Enlisted Promotions References & Requirements Catalog, which provides additional information on everything related to promotions within individual career fields.
The new resource makes it easier for Airmen preparing for an upcoming promotion test – no more having to hunt down different pieces from various places. Now, Airmen can quickly locate everything they need on one convenient page, just a few clicks away - making studying much simpler.

“The science of adult learning tells us that this learning occurs differently across populations and individuals. So, it’s important that we provide a variety of options for Airmen to learn,” Lt. Col. Marcus McNabb, SAS commander, said. “This is an important first step in that direction and provides an audio resource, in addition to the traditional written resource.

“Coupled with the plan to transition the test administration to an electronic medium in 2024, this modernization of testing resources and administration aims to reduce the administrative burden of testing Airmen and allows them to focus on the important aspects regarding Air Force and job-specific knowledge,” he said. “Ultimately, these efforts will ensure the Air Force promotion system continues to evolve to ensure we continue to promote the highest performing Airmen and meets the demand for quality Airmen to assure our nation’s defense.”

Airmen studying for promotion can find the AF Enlisted Promotion Study Guides website at