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ATAAPS implementation update

Stretching your budget in a tight fiscal environment can start with turning off the lights in your office at the end of the day. No matter what rank or responsibility, everyone must recognize how critical their role is as we are being “stretched” as good stewards of taxpayers’ dollars. (U.S. Air Force graphic by Tech. Sgt. Randy Redman)

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KIRTLAND AFB, N.M. -- The new Automated Time, Attendance and Production System civilian pay system continues to be implemented across the base. For the most part, the rollout has gone well, but there are a few areas that continue to challenge some Kirtland users.


While most Kirtland civilian employees have been able to successfully login and access the system, we are currently experiencing a backlog of users who haven't been able to do so. If you haven't been able to access the system, contact your unit's timekeepers, who will forward this information to Kirtland's Civilian Pay office. Civilian Pay technicians will then communicate with Defense Information Systems Agency to reset the password, which can take a couple of business days to resolve.

To speed communication to those requiring password resets, Civilian Pay will contact individuals directly with their new password.

Unfortunately, there have been instances where it has taken several password resets before access to ATAAPS is accomplished. Here are three tips to address common user errors:

· Select "AFMC" on the initial home screen and login screen
· Type in the password; do not copy and paste it
· After three failed password entry attempts, a lockout will likely occur; if so, request a password reset through your timekeeper


ATAAPS assigns employees to a "team." This team identification is necessary to assign the employee's account to the proper certifier for processing. Information for team identification was pulled from the Master Employee Database by DISA and, unfortunately, in some cases, individuals were placed or grouped with the wrong units.

Employees with incorrect team identifications are asked to contact their unit timekeepers, who will initiate a correction. Until the correction is made, employees must continue to submit  manual paper time cards.

Step-by-step instructions are available from common access card-enabled computers at https://org4.eis.afmc.af.mil/sites/1397/fsde.