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Civilian personnel provides guidance on time-off incentive awards

KIRTLAND AFB, N.M. -- The following information provides guidance to supervisors and employees regarding the time-off incentive award program.

In accordance with Air Force Instruction 36-1004, paragraph 4.3., full-time employees may be awarded total time off of 80 hours during any leave year. The maximum amount of time-off that can be approved for any single contribution is 40 hours.

For part-time employees or employees with an uncommon tour of duty, the total time off granted during any calendar year must be based on the average number of hours generally worked during a two-week period. The maximum award for any single contribution is one-half the maximum amount of time that can be granted during the year.
Awarded time-off should be scheduled within 90 calendar days after the effective date of the award. Employees forfeit any time off not used within one year of the effective date.

TOAs must be carefully scheduled to avoid adversely affecting an employee who has an annual leave "use or lose" situation. Awarded time-off cannot be used to justify restoring forfeited annual leave.

Employees must obtain their supervisors' approval to schedule and use the TOA. Employees should request their time off far enough in advance to use it without disrupting the unit's work.

Employees may never convert a time-off award to a cash payment, including employees who are separating.

Employees may not transfer approved unused time off when they transfer from the Air Force to another Department of Defense component or to another federal agency, nor may employees coming from another department or federal agency transfer time off to the Air Force.

For more information, call the Civilian Personnel Section, Employee-Management Relations, at (505) 853-0007.