Introducing the Maxwell Substation: Strengthening Security

  • Published
  • By Sheridan Fidelman
  • 377th Air Base Wing Public Affairs

Kirtland Air Force Base's 377th Security Forces Squadron has unveiled a new initiative aimed at enhancing security measures and providing immediate support to residents within the Maxwell housing area. The Maxwell Substation, now fully operational, represents a significant step forward in ensuring the safety and well-being of the community. The primary function of the Maxwell Substation is to provide round-the-clock support to the Maxwell Place neighborhood.

By stationing Defenders within the community 24/7, the 377th Security Forces Squadron aims to address any security concerns promptly and effectively.

The decision to establish a presence in Maxwell was prompted by a commitment to continuous evaluation and feedback from the community. Recognizing the importance of accessibility to law enforcement services,  the 377th Security Forces Squadron sought to provide residents with direct access to law enforcement professionals through the Maxwell Substation.

 Key information for the Maxwell housing community to be aware of regarding the new substation includes the ability to access law enforcement services directly within their neighborhood. This ensures peace of mind and immediate assistance if needed, contributing to a safer living environment for residents.

While the substation will not be staffed on a 24-hour basis, plans are in place to provide visible signage displaying contact information for the Base Defense Operations Center. This will ensure residents can easily reach out for assistance as needed. You can request assistance by contacting BDOC at (505) 846-7913 or (505) 853-9111.

The creating of the Maxwell Substation underscores Kirtland AFB’s commitment to the safety and security of its residents. By providing enhanced security measures and direct access to law enforcement services, the substation aims to create a safer and more secure living environment within the Maxwell housing community.