‘Are You Ready?’: DAF marks National Mentoring Month

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  • Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs

The Department of the Air Force will host a series of events to show Airmen and Guardians how mentoring can help maximize their potential during National Mentoring Month in January. 

The DAF theme for 2024 is “Are You Ready?” The service is committed to increasing deliberate mentoring for the Total Force and values mentorship as an enterprise imperative. 

NMM was launched in January 2002 to connect people invested in the mentoring movement and to help people accomplish their personal and professional goals. 

“Are You Ready?” is a call to action for all members to engage in mentoring relationships, both as mentors and mentees, recognizing that preparedness for any challenge is significantly enhanced through shared knowledge and experience. Mentoring can be a cornerstone in advancing key DAF strategic initiatives, and DAF NMM 2024 will focus on the relationship between mentoring and readiness in key areas such as Great Power Competition, civilian readiness, Air Force Generation, amplifying the Guardian spirit, Multi-Capable Airmen and more. 

Mentoring, at its core, is a partnership that facilitates the sharing of knowledge, experience and wisdom. A mentor is someone who offers guidance, support and advice, helping to shape the career and personal development of their mentee. Conversely, a mentee is an individual who seeks growth, learning, and is open to receiving this guidance. This reciprocal relationship is fundamental in fostering a productive mentoring environment within the Air Force and Space Force. 

"We are extremely excited to launch this year’s National Mentoring Month. Mentoring is more than just sharing knowledge; it's about building the leaders of tomorrow,” said Director of Force Development Crystal Moore. “By investing in our people today, we are ensuring a more capable and resilient force for the future. Every conversation, every piece of advice, contributes to our collective readiness and adaptability. Finally, it’s important to me that every Total Force Airman and Guardian recognizes that anyone can be a mentor — one of my best mentors was a peer." 

As part of National Mentoring Month, the DAF will host a series of virtual, live events focused on the power of mentoring and the role it plays in Total Force Readiness. 

Below are the virtual events scheduled for National Mentoring Month: 


National Mentoring Month Kick-off (Jan. 10 at 1100-1200 EST on Zoom): This event will serve as a comprehensive introduction to the month's activities, emphasizing the importance of mentoring in enhancing strategic readiness. Key speakers will discuss how mentoring relates to each readiness strategy, offering insights and personal experiences. This webinar can be found here. 

Webinar ID: 161 974 5487 

Passcode: 123456 


Mentoring Impact on Resilience (Jan. 17 at 1100-1200 EST on Zoom): This session will delve into how mentoring can build resilience, both at an individual and organizational level. Speakers will share strategies on how to mentor for resilience, drawing on real-world examples and best practices. This webinar can be found here. 

Webinar ID: 160 226 6898 

Passcode: 0123456 


Virtual Speed Mentoring (Jan. 18 at 1300-1400 EST on Zoom): This innovative event will allow participants to engage in rapid, short-term mentoring sessions with a diverse range of leaders and experts. It's designed to provide quick insights and advice, fostering connections that can be developed further post-event. This webinar can be found here. 

Webinar ID: 161 314 8427 

Passcode: 123456 


Us-Mentoring-Us (Jan. 24 at 1800-1900 EST on Facebook): Focusing on peer-to-peer mentoring, this event will encourage participants to share their experiences and learn from each other in an informal, collaborative setting. It aims to highlight the value of horizontal learning and the sharing of diverse perspectives. This webinar can be found here 


Civilian Leadership Development School (CLDS) - Mentoring in Action (Jan. 31 at 2100 - 0000 EST on Zoom): CLDS will host a mentoring workshop to help build a solid foundation of supervisory skills. Supervisors are often the first level of mentorship, and it is crucial for them to be equipped with the skills needed to help develop the mentoring relationship. Experience a live virtual mentoring workshop to improve employee performance planning, goals and outcomes. This webinar can be found here.  

Webinar ID: 160 531 1680 

Passcode: 465635 


Establishing a Mentoring Program (Feb. 1 at 1100-1200 EST): Aimed at unit leaders and program managers, this session will provide guidance on setting up effective mentoring programs within their respective units. Topics will include program structure, mentor/mentee matching processes and measuring program success. This webinar can be found here. 

Webinar ID: 160 401 0837 

Passcode: 123456 


Information on virtual NMM events can be found on their website. Additional information on mentoring can be found here.