Task Qualification Training prepares Ground Transportation Airmen for deployment

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Alan Graham

The 377th Logistics Readiness Squadron Ground Transportation Section at Kirtland Air Force Base is undergoing its annual Task Qualification Training, which is necessary to maintain its wartime preparedness.

Ground Transportation, also known as “Combat Truckers,” got its nickname from completing convoy and line-haul missions with the Army in numerous deployed environments like Iraq and Afghanistan. The unit specializes in the transportation of people, supplies, munitions and outsized expeditionary forces. To do this, members of Ground Transportation master a variety of essential skills. They are trained in navigational skills as well as the operation and limitations of numerous large and small vehicles to coordinate the movement of man and material.

The training consists of operating large vehicles such as various tractor-trailer combinations, commercial buses, wreckers and forklifts. The training also consists of operating in simulated contested environments where Airmen must wear their Mission Oriented Protective Posture gear at all times.

Task Qualification Training gives Ground Transportation Airmen the experience needed to put on their MOPP gear, the preparedness to complete the mission and the confidence to face the challenges ahead in any environment.