Sandia Base Elementary School embarks on modernization journey

  • Published
  • By Britianie Teston
  • By 377th Air Base Wing Public Affairs

Kirtland Air Force Base’s own Sandia Base Elementary School is undergoing a transformative update to provide a new learning environment for generations to come. The first phase of construction is well underway, after the groundbreaking ceremony in April of this year.

This phase of the construction plan involves demolition of the old playground to make room for the new 88,645 square-foot two-story building which boasts a thoughtful student- and community-driven design from ROMA Architecture, new dedicated spaces for art and music, and a bus access loop off Wyoming Boulevard that will improve traffic patterns around the school during pickups and drop-offs.

The strategic design plan includes a phased construction process to minimize the interruption to families and educators, allowing for the continued use of Sandia Base Elementary school facilities until the completion of the new school. Upon its completion, the old building will be demolished and construction on the new playground area will begin.

The current 66,000 square-foot elementary school has been a cornerstone of education on the base for over seven decades, originally constructed in 1950. The Albuquerque Public School elementary currently houses approximately 350 students, while the new school design will make room for roughly 575 students.

The $53.5 million project is funded through the Department of Defense Public Schools on Military Instillations grant, and $10.6 million additional state apportioned funding. The PSMI program, authorized by Congress, allocates funding to the repair, replacement, and upkeep of public schools located on military installations. The project is expected to take two years to complete.