The KEY to success – Kirtland’s new mainstreamed mailbox system

  • Published
  • By Sheridan Fidelman
  • 377th Air Base Wing Public Affairs Office


The Kirtland Family Housing office has officially rolled out a new system in hopes of making life easier for members during residents' changeover.

In the past, during a resident changeover, the U.S. Postal Service had to change the locks and issue a new key. This resulted in members waiting weeks to months after moving in to get their mail delivered to them.

Stephen Kowal, 377th Air Base Wing resident advocate, collaborated with the USPS to develop a smoother process for Kirtland residents.

“This new process is designed to make life easier for the next [family] moving in. It is designed to save time and it should help reduce frustration,” Kowal said.




 When a resident moves onto the base they will.

  • Collect their leases from Kirtland Family Housing
  • Bring their lease to the on-base post office
  • Get their new mailbox key from the on-base post office

 When a resident moves off the base they will.

  • Receive an envelope from Family Housing
  • Put their mailbox key in the envelope and write their box address on it
  • Drop off their envelope with their keys at the on-base post office.

Kowal is optimistic about the new mailbox key process that has officially begun at Kirtland. He credits a lot of the new key systems success to Chief Master Sgt. Stephanie Cates, 377th Air Base Wing command chief, who has been fully supportive and involved throughout this process.

“We are here to serve (the Kirtland community) needs in whatever way we can and we are thrilled to be able to bring this online for the community. Moving into a new home has many different stressors, and getting your mail shouldn’t be one of them. We’re grateful to Mr. Kowal and the team for seeing this endeavor through and making an impactful change for our families.” Cates said.

The Kirtland Family Housing Office is delighted about these positive changes, but any new system can still have issues.

“When you move out and drop off your key, if there is any hiccups and or if it is not a simple handoff process…It would help us to know about that. We want that feedback,” Kowal said.

If you have any questions. You can reach out to the Kirtland AFB Resident Advocate at (505) 846-1100.