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Kirtland family housing encourages use of new RentCafé app for maintenance requests and more


Kirtland housing residents are now able to submit work order requests and check the status of their work order progress using the RentCafé App.

The app was added as an additional option for residents of base housing to report issues and help streamline work order submissions and management.

“In the app you can request maintenance, view announcements, and look for upcoming events,” said Megan Gibb, Kirtland marketing coordinator for Hunt Military Communities.

The online portal is accessible via the Hunt resident services page and the app is available to both Apple and Android users.

Before the app was available, residents were able to submit work orders, but were unable to monitor the progress of their work order. The app will now give residents more visibility in the status of their requests.

To access the resident portal using the app, residents must first activate their resident portal via the website with an email address on file and a registration code provided by the leasing office. Housing is requesting residents to call 505-232-2049 and ask for their m#, this will work as a registration code.

The new resident portal can be found at https://kirtlandfamilyhousing.securecafe.com/residentservices/kirtland-afb-family-housing/userlogin.aspx. On the page, residents have the option to either register or log in if they already have an account.

The new app is available to submit routine maintenance issues but “requests can still be called in or submitted online” Gibb said.

“Work orders that would be categorized as urgent or emergency should continue to be called in, to ensure that the maintenance team is immediately aware of the issue.” wrote Robert Moriarty, Director of Installations Directorate, in an e-mail about electronic submission requirements sent to unit commanders.

According to the letter, privatized housing project owners, including Hunt family housing, will be required to implement an electronic process for residents to submit and track maintenance work orders by January.

Kirtland has had the app in place for several months.

In addition to using the resident portal and app to submit work orders, residents can submit a request by contacting, calling or visiting resident services.

Kirtland family Housing can be reached at 505-232-2049.

The maintenance office at Kirtland AFB Family Housing is open Monday thru Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. located at 1008 Golden Smoke Dr. Kirtland AFB, NM 87116.

Residents have online access through the website at: https://kirtlandfamilyhousing.securecafe.com/residentservices/kirtland-afb-family-housing/userlogin.aspx

For more information on base housing, visit: https://www.housing.af.mil/Home/Units/Kirtland/

To contact housing staff directly, visit: https://www.kirtlandfamilyhousing.com/contact-us