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Kirtland Helping Agencies: Equal Opportunity


Sometimes, a coworker or supervisor may put their personal prejudice in front of what is best for the Air Force and its members. Thankfully, the 377th Air Base Wing’s Equal Opportunity office exists to ensure equal treatment and opportunity for its members.

“We are a helping agency,” said Tech. Sgt. Patrick Corbeil, 377th ABW EO NCO in charge. “We handle and process all unlawful discrimination and sexual harassment complaints on the base for both the military and civilians.”

According to the official EO website, the Air Force EO strives to accomplish its mission by promoting an environment free from personal, social or institutional barriers that could prevent Air Force members from rising to their highest potential.

Corbeil encourages anyone who may not be sure if the issue they are having could even be helped by EO, to still come in and ask.

“We give them an avenue of redress,” he added. “So if they do have something going on in their work center, we give them the avenue to file the complaint and have their voice heard.”

However, it is important to know that EO members are mandatory reporters, so they must report any sexual assaults to the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. If the EO member hears a complaint heading down that road, they try and stop them and refer them to the correct agency.

“We will make sure they get the help they need by referring them to the agencies that can provide them with mental health or counseling services,” said Juliana Astrachan, 377th ABW EO director.

The EO Office recommends making an appointment to come and talk to them. This can be done by emailing 377ABWEOAdminMailbox@us.af.mil.

“All of us in the career field, we chose this job,” said Corbeil. “So we are all very passionate about what we do. Don’t ever hesitate to come talk to us.”