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Pharmacy opens MedSafe to dispose of prescriptions


Looking for a place to dispose of your expired or unused prescription medications?

The Kirtland BX pharmacy has been the sole location to dispose of these products using the MedSafe, until now. Recently, a new MedSafe has been installed at the main clinic in the pharmacy lobby.

The MedSafe is a secure way to dispose of unused or expired medication. The items placed in the MedSafe get collected each week and is disposed of via incineration leaving behind no trace of any protected health information or medication waste.

This simple step of proper disposal completely prevents medications from being abused, sold outside of the pharmacy, or stolen from the owner. To date the Kirtland Air Force Base Pharmacy has removed and prevented 2,400 pounds of pharmaceutical waste from entering the wrong hands or causing harm to people or the environment.

If you would like to use the MedSafe, you can place your medications in the blue metal bins labeled “MedSafe” and the pharmacy staff will handle the rest. The MedSafe can be utilized for most medication items to include controlled products, but cannot be used for needles, sharps containers or aerosolized items like inhalers. Also, they ask that if you will be disposing of liquid medications, to seal those items in a plastic bag prior to placing them in the MedSafe container.

If you have any questions on the MedSafe, ask any pharmacy staff member.