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377th Medical Group


377th Medical Group

Medical appointments -- 846-3200
Mental health appointments --846-3305
Dental appointments -- 846-3029
    Dental after hours -- 846-3200


The award winning 377th Medical Group provides daily operational medical support to the 377th Air Base Wing and over 100 associate organizations. Additionally, the group provides primary health care to patients enrolled in TRICARE Prime and assigned to Kirtland AFB clinic, and temporary duty personnel.  The clinic provides primary and specialty care on a space-available basis to other eligible beneficiaries.

The facility works in a spirit of cooperation with the New Mexico Veteran Affairs Health Care System, and operates under a program called Joint Venture. To utilize Joint Venture services one must be an active duty member or a TRICARE Prime enrollee, specifically assigned to a primary care manager at the 377th Medical Group Clinic.

TRICARE PRIME Enrollment is open to all beneficiary categories.  Enrollment is available in the Family Medicine, Pediatric, Flight Medicine, and PRP Clinics to serve you and your family's needs.

To access any medical clinics, including primary care or urgent care appointments, call 846-3200. Please remain on the line as your call is answered in the priority order it is received.

Hours of operation for the clinic are 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays. 
Hours of operation for the pharmacy are 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays.  The clinic is closed on the last Wednesday of every month for training.  Other closures include federal holidays and "Family Days" declared as a down day for the 377th Air Base Wing.

Hours of operation for the Pharmacy are 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays.  For information on our Pharmacy please follow the link to the Pharmacy Fact Sheet.

PRP Clinic
Return-to-duty clinic hours:  Mon-Fri, 6:45 to 7:15 a.m. and 12:45 to 1:15 p.m.

Closed last Wednesday of every month for training.

If you are a PRP member and have received any medical care or treatment outside the MTF, you must bring all medical documentation and your orange sheet from your unit to the next return to duty clinic.  To schedule urgent and routine medical appointments in the PRP Clinic dial 846-3200.

Flight Medicine
Mission Statement: "Provide aeromedical services and rapid emergency response to ensure nuclear surety, expeditionary readiness, and operational support."

Sick call hours:  Mon-Fri,  7 to 7:10 a.m. and 1 to 1:10 p.m.
For appointments contact 846-3200
For urgent/acute issues on weekends, holidays/down days, and after hours contact the On-Call Flight Surgeon at (505) 249-4647

Mental Health
Mental health appointments may be scheduled by calling 846-3305.  If you cannot keep an appointment, call 846-3305 as soon as possible.

Dental Clinic
The 377th Dental Squadron provides a wide range of routine dental services including dental exams, cleanings, restorations (fillings), root canals, removal of wisdom teeth, dental implants, periodontal (gum disease) treatment, minor orthodontics (on a case by case basis), and several other dental services.  Periodic dental exams are scheduled through each unit's Unit Health Monitors.  The Dental Clinic is only available to Active Duty members and is located in a separate building adjacent to the main Medical Facility.  For urgent dental needs, call the Dental Clinic to schedule an evaluation appointment. You can contact the clinic during business hours at 846-3027 or 846-3029.  Urgent calls can be made after-hours, on weekends, and during holidays to 846-3200.

Family member dental care should be arranged with an off-base civilian dentist by the sponsor and at the sponsor's expense through the TRICARE Dental Plan. For more information call 1-855-MET-TDP1 (1-855-638-8371)  or visit the web site at https://employeedental.metlife.com/dental/public/EmpEntry.do.  Family members enrolled in the plan should contact their civilian dentist for all dental emergencies.

TRICARE is a health care program for members of the uniformed services (active, Guard/Reserve, retired) and their families around the world.

TRICARE is a major part of the Military Health System that:
· Combines the resources of military hospitals and clinics with civilian health care networks
· Offers several health plan options that:
      Give you access to high-quality health care
       Meet the requirements for minimum essential coverage under the Affordable Care Act
· Provides comprehensive health coverage
· Supports military operations and readiness

TRICARE offers three main program options for Active Duty Members:
· TRICARE Prime (you must elect to enroll in this option)
· TRICARE Standard

There are more health programs for National Guard/Reserve Members and their families, survivors, former spouses, Medal of Honor recipients and their families, and others registered in DEERS (Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System).

For more information on TRICARE, call the managed care support contractor, United Healthcare at 1-877-988-WEST (1-877-988-9378), visit www.uhcmilitarywest.com or www.tricare.mil, or call one of the military beneficiary counselors and assistance coordinators at 846-3335.

Notice of Privacy Practices (available in several languages) per HIPAA Privacy Requirement 158, Task 9. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Privacy Rule gives individuals a right to be informed of the privacy practices of their health plans and of most of their health care providers, as well as to be informed of their individual rights with respect to their protected health information.

This link includes the Notice of Privacy Practices form for print and various foreign language translations for print.

MiCare is a Department of Defense-sponsored web site where beneficiaries i.e. active duty, their dependents, retiree's and reservists, like you, can sign up to have your electronic health records delivered to a Personal Health Record of your choice. The types of medical information that can be sent to your PHR include: Labs, Radiology Reports, Allergies, Conditions, Procedures, In-patient and Out-patient notes and Medications.
Click here to access your MiCare account or get registered.

TRICARE Homepage (www.tricare.mil)
Access to all TRICARE information on appointments, doctors, plans, prescriptions, and referrals/authorizations.

TRICARE Handbooks (www.tricare.mil/TRICAREHandbook)
The TRICARE SMART site is your source for TRICARE educational materials online. This site includes TRICARE briefings, fact sheets, handbooks, and other materials.

TRICARE On-line (www.tricareonline.com)
TRICARE Online provides secure access to online features for DoD beneficiaries receiving care through a military hospital or clinic.  You can:
· View, schedule, and cancel military hospital or clinic appointments for yourself or your authorized family members
· Receive email and text message appointment reminders
· Refill and check the status of your prescriptions at your military hospital or clinic
· View, download, or share your personal health data via the Blue Button
· Access your patient centered medical home site to communicate with your health care team
· Access the online health risk assessments

To access these features, please log into TRICARE On-Line using your CAC, Premium DS Logon, or DFAS MyPay account.