Health and Wellness Center *

501 San Pedro Dr, SE Bldg 47

Hours of operation, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday
Closed weekends and federal holidays

 Health Promotion is located behind the VA center in the 377th Med Group building.       

Health Promotion Program Coordinator, 846-1186
Registered Dietitian, 846-1483

Health Promotion classes
Health Promotion classes are open to everybody with base access at no cost. Classes with a needed RSVP are listed on our calendar, and posted on our Facebook/Twitter pages. You may contact either number listed above to sign up.

Bod Pod and InBody - Body Composition Assessment
The Bod Pod uses the concept of air displacement to measure body fat %. Appointments are for 30 minute sessions, though actual time spent in the Bod Pod is about five minutes.

Testing Requirements: No eating, drinking or exercising 2 hours prior to appointment. Must wear compression shorts, swimsuit, spandex type shorts or sports bra, etc.
To sign up for a bod pod assessment please contact us at 846-1186 or 846-1483.

We also have a portable body composition device, the InBody 270. We can test 12 people/hour using this device. If you are interested in us bringing the InBody to your place of work for testing, contact us at 846-1186 or 846-1483. Inbody testing can be conducted in a public area, and you can wear standard PT attire (minus shoes and socks) for the test.

Nutrition Appointments
What you eat daily will impact your performance, concentration, energy, weight, and overall health.  If you are having trouble figuring out how to incorporate a healthy diet into your lifestyle we can help by putting together a nutrition plan to meet your needs.  For a one-on-one appointment with the dietitian please call 846-1483. 

Exercise Prescriptions
Are you having trouble losing weight, passing your PT test, or staying injury free?  Are you interested in starting an exercise program, but are unsure of where to begin? We can write personalized exercise prescriptions which will help you meet your goals. For a one-on-one appointment, call 846-1186,

Tobacco Cessation Counseling
The Health and Wellness Center offers one-on-one tobacco cessation counseling, which includes
information about addiction, behavior and stress management, fitness, nutrition and relapse prevention techniques. Zyban, Chantix and nicotine replacement therapy are available to those who are eligible. To set up an appointment, call 846-1186.

Operation Supplement Safety 
OPSS is an initiative to educate the KAFB community about dietary supplements and how to choose supplements wisely. Health Promotion will help promote OPSS with briefings, campaign materials, giveaways, etc. Call 846-1186 or 846-1483 to schedule a presentation for your unit. To learn more, check out the website:

Online Resources

You are welcome to join our Facebook page, “KAFB Health Promotion.”

You can also follow us on Twitter @KirtlandHP

In addition, check out our information on the Kirtland App: click “Medical” and then “Health Promotion.”