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During winter weather, Team Kirtland is advised to check our Facebook page for current conditions and potential delayed reporting information. You may also call the Kirtland Snow Line (853-SNOW) for a recorded message with current weather information.

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Kirtland Public Affairs can be reached via email at

For phone numbers, consult the Phone Numbers link on this page or call directory assistance at 505-853-4636.


Construction at Wyoming Gate to begin Dec. 27

Construction will begin on the inbound lanes of the Wyoming Gate on Dec. 27, which may result in significant delays entering and exiting the installation, especially during peak traffic hours. Personnel who normally use this gate are highly encouraged to use an alternate route to help minimize delays and traffic congestion. The work is expected to last up to five weeks. If you have any questions, contact Michael Stubbs at 853-1103 or Ted Sheets at 846-5065.

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