Proud history, heritage: Continuing a legacy of Tiger PRIDE

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Chad Schulte
  • 377th Air Base Wing Command Chief

Today’s Tiger Airmen should look upon the proud history and heritage of the 377th Air Base Wing and follow in the footsteps of those who served before them. 

The unit was first activated as the 377th Combat Support Group on April 8, 1966, as part of the air arm of Military Assistant Command-Vietnam, responsible for operations and maintenance of the USAF portion of Tan Son Nhut Air Base, South Vietnam. These “Fighting Tigers” underwent numerous enemy attacks during their tenure, especially during the Tet Offensive in 1968. 

Elevated to air base wing status in January 1972, the unit gained a tactical mission and other combat units. The wing operated and maintained C-47, C-118 and T-39 aircraft. Squadrons performed strike missions, conducted psychological warfare operations, conducted air liaison operations, performed airlift and airdrop missions, and conducted airborne radio directional finding operations. 

The unit was later designated and activated as the 377th Combat Support Wing, responsible for providing support services for Ramstein and other locations in the Kaiserslautern Military Community and other European locations from 1985 to 1991. The 377 CSW supported mobility and airlift operations during Operations Desert Shield/Storm from August 1990 to April 1991.

In January 1993, the wing was designated and activated as the 377th Air Base Wing as host unit for Kirtland Air Force Base.

The 377 ABW “Fighting Tigers” continue to honor those who have paved the way before them and grow their legacy through Tiger PRIDE, or Profession of Arms, Respect, Integrity, Discipline, and Enthusiasm. 

We are all part of the Profession of Arms, as volunteers, answering our nation’s call to provide security, as the world’s greatest Air Force.  This is carried on by every Airmen (officer, enlisted and civilian), understanding we are patriots first and the price that is paid for freedom.  Respect is the root of the Profession of Arms and it bonds every Airman together. 

We must respect others and accept them for who they are, embracing diversity and treating everyone with dignity and valuing them as individuals and an integral part of the Tiger team.

Integrity is the bedrock of our core values, the foundation on which trust is built and our moral compass to do the right thing, all the time even when no one is watching our actions. 

Discipline is an individual commitment to the highest of professional and personal standards. It is that self-control, attitude, work ethic and tenacity you take to get the job done and done right regardless of the task at hand. 

Enthusiasm means taking an active interest and being motivated by the fact that the Air Force and this wing are powered by the greatest Airman this world has ever known.  Each one brings special attributes and strength to the team and is excited to be part of the greatest fighting force the world has ever or will ever know. 

Today’s 377 ABW “Fighting Tigers” continue a legacy as one team – enabling warfighting capabilities for America.  So the next time you see a Fighting Tiger, thank them for the PRIDE they have every day for this wing, the Air Force and the United States of America.