Transition Assistance Program

Helps separating and retiring service members and their families make a smooth transition to civilian life. TAP is also provided to DoD civilian employees (and family members) impacted by restructuring and reductions. Spouses are welcome and encouraged to participate in all TAP events.

Service Members should start their transition up to:
· 12 months before their date of separation
· 24 months before their date of retirement.

Preseparation Counseling is the starting point for the Transition Assistance Program. Preseparation Counseling is MANDATORY for all separating/retiring military members and by Public Law is to be completed not less than 90 days before date of separation/retirement.

Preseparation Counseling is available in a group briefing or individually by appointment and provides an overview of resources, services and benefits to help members transition to civilian life. During Preseparation Counseling the DD Form 2648, Preseparation Counseling Checklist, is completed and is forwarded to Air Force Personnel Center by the A&FRC.

TAP has recently been updated, resulting in major changes to TAP requirements and the delivery of those services. The redesigned TAP began DoD-wide in November 2012 with the expansion of the optional TAP events to a MANDATORY, five day TAP Workshop (Transition GPS) that includes:
· Individual Transition Plan preparation
· Resilient Transitions
· Military-to-civilian skills review (MOC Crosswalk)
· Financial planning
· VA benefits briefing
· Department of Labor Employment Workshop
Participants continually update their ITP throughout the five day TAP Workshop and are encouraged to bring their laptop, tablet or iPad to use for research and completing TAP activities. Wi-Fi and printers are available in the TAP classroom. Preseparation Counseling must be accomplished BEFORE attending the five day TAP Workshop (Transition GPS).

Three additional two-day sessions are available for transitioning military members who are:
· Pursuing a higher educational degree,
· Pursuing a technical certification, or
· Starting a business.

The mandatory Capstone event ensures transitioning military members have completed all Career Readiness Standards (CRSs) required by the Veteran Opportunity to Work (VOW) Act and Veterans Employment Initiative (VEI).

DoDI 1332.35 authorizes separating and retiring Service Members to be released to complete the TAP Workshop in its entirety. Service members will be exempt from normal duty the full 24 hour period of each workshop day and the 12 hours immediately preceding and following the workshop.

Service members with a DD Form 2648 dated 21 November 2012 or after, are required to attend all elements of the updated TAP, unless exemptions apply. Service members who qualify for an exemption may elect to participate in the TAP Workshop and are encouraged to participate. Service members who qualify for an exemption and elect not to participate in the Department of Labor (DOL) Employment Workshop must formally request the exemption and document their decision on the DD Form 2958 (DD Form 2648 until capstone launched).


Eligible Service members retiring after 20 or more years of active federal service

Active-duty members, National Guard or Reserve who after serving their first 180 continuous days or more on active duty under title 10, if they can meet at least one of the following criteria:
a) Able to provide documented evidence of civilian employment.
b) Able to provide documented acceptance into an accredited technical training, undergraduate, or graduate degree program.
c) Have specialized skills and, due to unavoidable circumstances, are needed to support a unit scheduled to deploy within 60 days. The first commander in the eligible Service Member's chain of command with UCMJ authority must certify on the ITP checklist any such request for exemption from the DOLEW. A make-up plan must accompany the postponement certification.
d) Have status of being an eligible RSM imminently transitioning from active duty that is enrolled in the Education and Employment Initiative (E2I), or similar transition program designed to secure employment, higher education, or technical training post-separation

No Exemptions for:
· Preseparation Counseling / DD Form 2648 / DD Form 2648-1
· VA Benefits Briefing
· Capstone & DD Form 2958
· Career Readiness Standards