Battlespace Environment Laboratory

The Battlespace Environment Division in the Air Force Research Laboratory's Space Vehicles Directorate represents the USAF expertise on the space and upper atmosphere environment and its effects on space systems and on command, control, communications, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems. The Division's mission is to specify, forecast,
mitigate, and exploit environmental impacts on DoD systems and operations. Researchers develop technology to evaluate interference to communications, navigation, surveillance, and other space capabilities and to alert warfighters about potential problems with space systems caused by the harsh space environment. The Division maintains environmental sensors around the world monitoring ionospheric and solar conditions and on satellites to sense space radiation hazards. The Division performs space physics, chemistry, optical physics, atmospheric science, remote sensing, and seismology research and development within the two main centers described below. 
- The Battlespace Surveillance Innovation Center's mission is to develop advanced surveillance technologies and to predict and mitigate the effects of the aerospace environment on surveillance systems.
- The Space Weather Center of Excellence's mission is to develop technologies for specifying, forecasting, mitigating, and exploiting the effects of the space environment on DoD systems and operations.

The Base Realignment and Closure Act of 2005 enabled the Department of Defense to realize greater efficiencies and to promote transformation by realigning infrastructure with future defense strategy. BRAC-directed activities seek to eliminate excess physical capability to maximize operational capability and allow the DoD to free-up badly needed funding for weapon system recapitalization and technological investment.

Key Facts and Figures 
BRAC will bring approximately 177 new military and civilian positions to AFRL at Kirtland Air Force Base. 
- Civilian 152
- Military 25

New Construction
- AFRL BRAC at Kirtland will result in a $53.5 million facility (one hundred and forty five thousand square feet in construction) to prepare for the relocated mission.
Contract Award--December, 2008 
Beneficial Occupancy Date--September, 2010

Potential Employees

Moving to Kirtland