Space Test Group

Mission Statement
Provides the expertise, infrastructure and processes necessary to accomplish developmental test and evaluation of space assets, to include scientific, technology demonstration and developmental systems, while enabling rapid migration of space capabilities to the warfighter. Accelerates mission design and integration, launch operations and ground system development to provide reliable, low-cost access to space.

Space Test Group
SDTG provides unique, world-class capabilities to integrate, launch, and test space systems. It supports three types of space-based missions, one-of-a-kind, research and development and responsive. Our support includes cradle-to-grave program execution from mission design to launch, early orbit and on-orbit operations.

Space Test Squadron
STS is the Air Force Test and Evaluation Center of Excellence for Research and Development Space Missions. The cadre of space test professionals provides responsive support for all space test and evaluation needs through flexible management of space test activities: planning through execution. The STS operates two Satellite Operations Centers that serve as the Air Force's test centers for space research, development, test and evaluation for program mission control, technology demonstration and evaluation of transformational space operations concepts. Through residual satellite operations at SOC 96, Colorado Springs, Colo. and next-generation on-orbit demonstrations at SOC 97, Albuquerque, N.M., STS supports the rapid prototyping, evaluation and activation of space capabilities.

Space Test Operations Squadron
STOS uses a blend of military, government civilian and contractor personnel to provide responsive support and needs-based space test and evaluation using a flexible management process from planning to execution. STOS's three core competencies are satellite telemetry/communications support; space test program management and execution; and space development, test and evaluation training and policy. Using highly mobile ground systems, or specially designed maritime platforms, the Mobile Range Flight provides telemetry, tracking and commanding from locations worldwide. The Communications Test Flight in Dublin, Calif., can provide satellite radiometric calibration, anomaly resolution, on-orbit testing or routine satellite operations. The Satellite Systems Test Flight conducts and supports space system programs through active management, engineering and test operations.

Launch Test Squadron
LTS provides scalable launch support services including program management support, engineering support, payload integration and post-test evaluation for space systems. LTS's goal is to be the "one-stop shopping" source for solid propellant rocket motors and launch service needs within the government. LTS, teamed with its industry launch service providers, works hard to ensure maximum reliability at minimum costs. The Space Launch Flight provides government customers with cost effective, highly reliable launch services using excess Minuteman and Peacekeeper boosters mixed with commercial assets. The Target Launch Flight provides government customers with multiple target vehicle configurations by reusing decommissioned ICBM boosters that meet all treaty requirements.